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  1. kinda new here, well been surfin around not knowing how to post
    what are some plans for 4:20?
    im going camping with my girlfriend and im bring a half oz two bottles of robo
    and a 24 pack of coors light! :hello:
  2. A good gram and my bowl if I can pass a drug screen before the 20th.

    Otherwise this will be a sober and sad 4/20. Let's hope not.
  3. hmm, there's another thread on this, either in recreational use or also in general... but my friend is supposed to be making us brownies for lunch.

    edit: and i assumed in my post that you were referring to 4/20 but looking back you said 4:20... you meant april 2th, right?
  4. im pretty sure everyone knows what i mean.......... 4/20
  5. gonna see if i can sneak a few bowls during school, then after i'm gonna blaze it up all day :)
  6. I'm getting a brand new GonG bong today, and i'll have a half oz to smoke on 4/20.:eek:
    'Tis a day I have been looking forward to since April 20th 2005.

  7. i might make 4 hundred and twenty posts about this...

  8. i have no plans yet, perhaps i should get some.
  9. I also have no plans. It will probably be like any other day. In fact I might go to work that day and be sober all day.

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