Discussion in 'General' started by snoopdogg420, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. I'm hoping to smoke 4/20 but i only have like a dime left and i'm broke so i dunno wish me luck!__________________
  2. ahh..ya gotta hold out! I'm facing the same situation. I only got about a dime left too and I dont know if my connex are gunna pull through by saturday.
  3. good luck to the both of ya, hope karma hits ya on a positive note before saturday!!
    we're saving this sticky 1/8th of some bubblegum for saturday, wish i could share w/ ya'all but instead i'll smoke bowls 'n hope you're stoned too~
  4. yeah good luck ppl i know ill be high i got a wedding to go 2 but i still be fucked up
  5. Ahhh.....I just got a eigth of some northern lights which I was told by my dearest terrorist buddy is better than the alaskan tundra stuff (never can get the name right, kinda tongue twister for me) which was better than the purple stuff. I have some left of the last two varities, so I think I'm set for tomorrow. Gonna do some bar-b-q. Hope you luck and some good times!

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