4/20 Special: 14" 5mm Green Lable Medicali Beaker

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    I thought I would share the latest addition to my glass family with you all. I picked this up on 4/20 at my LHS for $160 out the door. So far I am very happy with it. :hello:

    Let me know what you think! :bongin:


    Musical Shoutout to Cold Legistics for the C L Smooth "Perfect Timing" remix

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    Looks nice! Definitely a good pickup for $160...lookin' forward to the milk vid. :) :smoking:

    EDIT: Looks super-smooth, does it hit as nice as it looks?
  3. Thanks, it was 40% off for the holyday. Vid added!
  4. Your video is set to private man...Killer bong, you couldnt have asked for a better deal!
  5. Thank you for that. I appreciate it, and it should be fixed now.
  6. dude i was goin to get the same medcali jus blue lable at expressions at in morehead

    but to get it for dat price i had to wait till 420 sale and i was jus there for the week at the beach (like a week short :( )

    but i came back and got my syn from infinty end durin sale so its all good :p


    o yea im nc too haha thats why its relvent haha
  7. It does hit super-smooth! my other tube (14" straight 5mm Jerome Baker) is no comparison to this. Though it only has one 4 arm slit-ended tree perc and a splash guard it is incredible smooth and has none of the drag i was expecting.

    I was a little nervous about the beaker bottom, strength wise, but so far so good :bongin:

    Thats whats up! I grabbed her at Expressions in Salisbury, they had the blue label too. I was planning on picking up a black lable straight version but when I saw the lime green, I was sold. I just moved to NC so I don't know anything about the HS scene here, but congrats on the Syn pickup!

    NC Burning :smoking:
  8. I've had a Medicali beaker for awhile now and have had no problems structurally. Nice pickup
  9. i've got a medicali single tree perc straight tube thats been good to me too. i think they are quality bongs for the price.
  10. $160?? what a fucking deal bro. nice tube.
  11. Glad to hear it man! Thanks for stopping bye! :bongin:

    Thank you, sir!
  12. Didnt mean to leave you out! Thank you for the good news :hello:

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