4/20 Seed Sales

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by unclemick, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. 10 Days away from 4/20 and haven't heard much about any Seed Bank sales. The current sale at the 'Tude is rocking the Barney's Farm. I can't wait for mine to arrive but I'm always in the market for value. Does anyone know about any push on 4/20?

  2. I saw something about another Tude special for internet only orders only on 4-20. Its posted on their twitter account. Looks like a free tshirt and mug plus 3 freebies. The freebies are barney blue cheese, barneys red deisel, and white widow dont know who that one is from. I dont know if those freebies are going to be in addition to their normal UFO's or not either way I love each one of those strains so I'm in AGAIN! My seed stock has grown quite quickly... This will probably be my last order for quite sometime! Unless they do another crazy special, you know how it goes.....
  3. yea i heard that the tude was gonna be doin another promotion on 4/20:D not sure what theyre gonna be giving away but hey u cant go wrong with free stuff:hello:
  4. attitudes doin another promotion for 4/20 with barney's blue cheese (definitely a strain worth hitting up, especially if its given away free)
  5. is the blue cheese the only freebie for 4/20?
  6. i was hoping for dutch passion white widow, bein i never tried that one out.. but I guess I could give GHS a shot, being that nirvana's ww failed horribly with 0/10 germ rate in paper towel method.. and that I was pleasantly surprised by the ghs white rhino .
  7. dude im growing ghsc white widow right now, all my beans germed and are starting to grow:D
  8. I also really need some seeds, planning on holding out to see if there were any good sales,
    if its only going to be attitude atm i was wondering, anyone grown those strains before? if so, do they take to LST?
    and i just saw a different sale for 4/20,
    i saw pineapple chunk, vanilla kush, and flower power from barneys.
  9. For the 420 sale at attitude do we still get the ufo's along with the blue cheese, red diesel, and ww?
  10. Planning on ordering some sweet seeds cream caramel and some white label afghan kush. Anybody grow these strains? Are sweet seeds and white label good breeders?
  11. yea blue cheese, red diesel, and ww are the freebies for 420, i actually posted a thread on good strains lol, im looking for a few myself, and i was told TGA subcool seeds are BOMB:D
  12. I got an Email from Attitude today confirming this.

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