4/20 Seed Deals?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MyDogSmokesWeed, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Wasn't sure where to post this, but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about seed deals for 4/20. I plan on picking some up, but was wondering when they usually put the deals up? If anyone knows please drop a line and let me know. Also looking for a couple suggestions on strains. I have Lemon Skunk, Sweet Deep Grapefruit, White Rhino, and Diesel going on this grow and still have some Special Kush an some others, but want to get some seeds while there's a good deal. I'm probably looking to get a pack of autoflowers and photo's. I don't usually do auto's, but I want a couple of them to test out.
  2. bump. I saw Attitudes. Anyone heard about Herbie's?
  3. I would recommend Herbies. First time ever ordered any was from them. I dont even think they were having any kinda special at the time and they hooked me up with a bunch of freebies from Royal Queen seeds. Skunk#1,sour diesel,royal cheese, kerala x Skunk#1 all female plus some regular seeds. And the shipping is discreet and quik.
  4. I understand Tone. I've ordered from Herbie's. I was wondering about the Freebies. They always have good deals come 4/20. As of right now I'll probably go to Attitude unless Herbies has something good. So far Attitude has the best deal. I'm just wondering when Herbie's usually releases their deals.

    I got a bunch of seeds in my first order and I"m in the process of growing Lemon Skunk, White Rhino, Diesel, and Sweet Deep Grapefruit. About 2 weeks into flower. Smelling lovely already. Especially those skunk. I touched the stems earlier and my fingers smelt like I just finished fingering a skunk for hours. lol.
  5. Cool,right on, I scoped your grow out looking good andby the way congrats on the move glad all went well.

  6. Thanks. It was a pain. Had to do it almost all myself. I'm still tired from it. lol.
  7. I could imagine,moving is always a pain not to mention the ladies.hehe

  8. Yeah, luckily I LST the shit out of them so it wasn't that bad. Just threw a towel over the top and it looked like I was bringing in a tote full of stuff. I made about a million trips anyway. lol.
  9. This is pretty much always the case with there freebies. That is the Tudes game. They may have a little bit lower quality control but the freebies and promos are always nice.

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