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4/20 Recommendation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gBong, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. What r u gonna be doin this 420...why not try this?

    Honey Blunt: dip a blunt in honey, let it dry, smoke that shit, it'll last forever...well, a long time and u get blazed from this...i recommend this to everyone who has means of doing so, if not, u will be in the souls of all those who do...

    we blaze for you
  2. how long does it take for the honey to dry???


  3. im guessing at least a whole day... but you could bust out the de humidifier and it would take less.... and dry out your bud.. in turn making it burn faster.... hummmm i dunno
  4. I dont no why everyone lets the blunt get dry....all I do is get a Q-tip and rub honey on the inside of the wrap or philly or whatever you use....Right when I am done with that I take my weed and fill the inside and roll it up...go wash my hands, come back and blaze up. I never really understood why everyone lets it dry for a day unless u put honey on the whole thing which is kind of pointless anyway

  5. you want the bud to burn faster?
  6. my recommendation is smoke alot, with alot of poeple, in a lot of places...
  7. I know i smoked the fatest blunt ive ever seen on sat. I brought out a good 10g of shake so we rolled a fatty. My friend just packed in as much bud he could fit into one dutch It had to be 3/4" dia. We didnt get that baked because it was shake that i partially extracted for keef. But there was still a good amount of thc glands left. I should have saves that bud for 4/20 and rolled it then, but i still got a bit left so mabey ill do it agin. Ill honey coat it too. I think ill just paint it on with a lil brush and stick it in front of a fan for an hour or so.

    I know some kids that honey coated a blunt and microwaved it but that kills the thc content.

    And no one should go home with any bud tomorrow night, i dont care if oyu have an oz, smoke it all! Im considering signing myself out like 4th or 5th period (i come in 2nd) then blaze all day! Then go to work at 6 :(

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