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4.2 gram's edible

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Relentless, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Is this a good dose too eat in one sitting? I have eaten before only 2g alone, but now I had this 4.2 gram's edible. It was delicious, the active ingredient's were THC>160mg, CBD>10mg, CBN <5mg's can I OD on these figures? It's kinda hard 2 focus on much right now??! But I took a 1 day tolerance break in preparation for this Edible's day, so maybe my tolerance is just too low now???

    will milk negate psychoactive effects at all?

    It was a chocolate candy bar, with 4.2gram's of refined cannabis hybrid. TLDR
  2. you're gonna die
  3. Oh god no...
  4. You can't die on it
  5. That is so vague! and of little assurance???? can I become paralyzed or incapacitated?
  6. Haha I was just kidding OP but you will be stuck to wherever the fuck you are I guarantee it
  7. Have a wild ride OP
  8. You won't die but you might be in another place haha
  9. lol what a troll attempt. if your being serious you have to eat like 15,000 pounds of weed in 15 minutes to overdose lol. i think youll be alright haha :yummy:
  10. You're gonna have a goooood time have fun :)
  11. dude you're gonna be fucking stoned for like.... a good 15 hours hahahaha!!!

    Have a great time buddy.

    Also, you might sleep for 3 days afterward

  12. Yea dude you're gonna go into a coma.:wave:
  13. I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it, and I didn't inhale, and I never tried again[​IMG]
  14. You CANT die from cannabis lmao, with that big of an edible you will be super high and you probaly won't be able to move for a while and you will maybe go into a weed induced coma, like for example i once slept for like 15 hours after being super high, but you will be fine
  15. Keep a pillow near you for the next 5-6 hours... You'll need it.
  16. man where do you get shit like this and why dont i have it??
  17. U might catch erectile dysfunction, u better send it to me just to be sure.
  18. So OP, how'd you like the ride?
  19. yea, how did you fair Relentless?

    My guess is that you where rivetted to the couch for a nice five hour nap and life was a little fuzzy for the 24 hours.
  20. You didn't like it sooo much that you are posting in a stoner's forum?


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