4" 190CFM inline fan enough to exhaust 1000w hps?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kronikkk, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Just need opinions on this. I THINK it would work based on what I've heard (1000w being exhausted by 200cfm) but I'm not sure. I just need to remove the heat, that's all. Theres no intake. Cool air comes in from the window (it fluctuates between 55 and low 70s around here now). I have a 1000w air cooled hood with 4" holes anyway so for me this would just be easier as opposed to getting 6x4 reducers and a 6" fan.

    Just let me know what you think if 190cfm would be enough to exhaust the 1000w cuz I know it puts out mad heat.

  2. Most definitely not. I know my 400 watt hps the minimum req for it is 400 cfms. YOu could use the 190 as an intake but for sucking air out of the hps you will def need something more!
  3. Also im assuming your grow space is enclosed yes? If its inclosed the cool air from the window will help some but a 1000 watter is going to put off a ton of heat doubt its possible to keep it below 80. I think it would def be worth your while to get a new fan and use your 4 inch for intake
  4. I have a 1000w in a 4'7 squared with a 6" inline fane and it stays at 81. The tent is in the basement. Everyone told me that a 6" was enough.

  5. it's not enclosed. it's just out in the open in a room and I'm exhaustin out the window. i don't believe a 400w needs 400cfm tho. I'm runnin a 400 non-air cooled with a couple fans and temps are great. But fuck it I'm prolly just gonna get like a 350-400cfm fan off amazon.

    btw how's your situation goin?
  6. if you have the Mellon Head hood or a cool tube and its a strait shot this could work, but I would get a 6-8 inch one - you can run it without a fan, I have seen this done before but the room gets really hot, in my local grow store there are 3 1000w's in different hoods running with no fan on them

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