4 1/2 oz in leaf make 3.7 in hash ball

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  1. dudes this was my very frist time makeing hash with lossing 2/3 of my grow i had all this shit leaf and it may be harder for me iam not sure how hard it is to make hash ? it took 6 hours but i just finished up my back is killing me dudes but 3.7 grams of dark green hash ,well it lighten when it drys or stay the same dudes i hope it well be good it has all three of my best weeds in it ! what do you thing , for those that havent made it and want to ,i frist took a 5 gallon pale put about 2/3 of a bag of ice in the pale ! took half the weed but it in the blinder on high for 3-4 mins put it in the pale and repeated it for the rest of the weed after that i took a beater and just beat the hell out of it for 15 mins after that i took a old baby blanket clean of corse and put it over the top poured it in to the blanket and in to a big pitcher 2 gallon and set it in the a cool spot for 35 mins !than i poured most of the water out slowly to not lose the setments at the bottom ,i wish i had poured out more water than i had thats what took longer wait for the water to filter out !next time i well remember that it would have saved me about two hours !well i got thre three old drip coffie pots and took out the filter cup and poured the water in to them they dont like to stay going so you may half to tap on them with a spoon ! as the water got to about a half cup in the bottom i would pic up the filter and squezz the water out slowly a good tip is to squezz all the water as it well make colecting the hash off the filter much easyer as i found out !i would put the filter on a big plate and open it all the way smouthing it out than with a small pocket knife scrap the hash to the center and as i colected it moveing it to a piece of plastic wrap! that was great for moveing it around to help it try faster , after each filter was cleaned it just got biger and biger each time ! this worked good and was easy to colect but with a bad back it better be worth it dudes ,this was alot of work but very rewarding to see it at the finish dont you think !

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  2. sorry that was only half way dont lol !this is the my frist hash ball finished and drying ! what do you guys think ?to small or are they ever big enough! lol i guess what matters is it was fun and reward to ! good luck tazz11

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  3. Thats all fine and dandy, but you gotta learn how to write like a civilized adult before you come here. punctuate or die. lol j/k man. :p
  4. dude you dont know me ! i have a good reason why i dont spell good or use good grammer ! but as i said you dont know me or you would know why !look at my name and think about it ! i am 3/4 blind with motion blindness, a rare blindness that they have no way to repair ! i am a savant,artistic with audistic teandes and a iq of 107 after a bad head injury ! i am the frist one to say i am sorry about the way i write but in the long run if you read between the lines i have lots to say ! and makeing fun of me is a missteak that well no dout come back to hunt you !but frist high ,i am tazz11, the rainman !its good to meet you!good luck tazz11

  5. Im sorry then. but I was j/k anyways, and an iq of 107 is considered normal.
  6. that was'nt my piont ! i am navagational special ops seals trained navial vet ! x pinkerton man,X P.I. and a collector of rare books and a retired master tool and die in aviational machinist,i went around the world 3 times before i was 21! thats my piont!
  7. thanx for the info ill try it but it would be cool if u could email me and list down step by step if u want to here it is superbone420@aol.com
  8. hey rainman, if you want to send that hash ball to me in the mail, Id be more than happy to let you know if you did a good job on it!
  9. dude i would not stear you wrong hash is cool but you want to read the post i am geting ready to make on a cross called white bella !good luck tazz11

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