4 1/2 flower newer leaves just weird

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  1. Ill keep it short,
    Sunshine soil 5 gal bucket
    GH nutes Feeding schedule (every other water ml per gal) Grow 5ml, micro 10ml, bloom 12.5 ml, Floralicious grow 2.5 ml, FL bloom 7.5ml, diamond nectar 5ml, kool bloom 10ml. I water once every 3-4 days letting at least a quart drain through, drain water ph at 6.0 goes in at 7.0
    Under an air cooled 1000w hps, 88 F at most, no co2

    The newer fan leaves are droopy, skinny, and curled under, i have looked everywhere for a solution and havent found a thing, and The older fan leaves are also beggining to yellow brownish towards the tips but not a pure yellow.

    I have worked so hard to get her this big and i dont wanna loose her...

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  2. really.....nobody?
  3. HIGH <T^H^C>, can't believe no one has replied....must be having a Toke somewhere.

    Maybe tone down the Nutes a bit and see what happens...I noticed starvation marks on your leaves which looks alot like The Borg's (Spider Mites) mess...have you notice anything?
  4. Ya i gave been battleing spider mites for a while but finally got some aza max and predatory mites but if you have any suggestions im all ears, and is it ok to use aza max until the day of harvest? Also i read on another forum board as a STICKY that if you use or a sink filter tap water ( which i am) you MUST use cali-mag which i just fed yesterday so we will see how things turn out.
  5. if you use filtered tap water make sure you know how hard/soft the water is before using cal-mag. if the water is hard its an unnecessary supplement and you can cause some bad problems. your water company can tell you any and all info about the quality of the water, if you dont want to call them they should have the info online.
  6. My water quality should not be a problem, my county has some of the best tap water in the country no joke, and i had one of my homies come look at it and basically confirmed i needed cal mag, hes using gh and had the same problems and said for some reason gh lacks just a bit of calcium/mag. i appreciate all your guys' input but im still curious to know if i can use Aza max up until harvest, i just sprayed and have been for the past 2 weeks and smokes fine, so we will see...
  7. i think its heat stress.
  8. HIGH All, ahhhhh man I'm so sorry The Borg has a Hold on your Girls...I don't know about Aza max and how long you can use it up to..have you looked around and seen if anyone else has used it...and I mean not just here in The City..other Forums. The Borg is a Killer and when I see Growers like you get them it makes me feel so sad.

    Someone here says they have a sure fire way of Killing them...I'll grow look and see who it was and send them your way.
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    A sure all cure is to cover your topsoil in diatomaceaous earth. It's the smallest filterable particle, used in fish tank and swimming pool filters. It is so small, it clogs the pores, thusly suffocating them and any offspring.

    The issue is getting it. You have to order it online, not often found locally unless you have a kick ass pet store that sells Vortex diatom filters or possibly a pool supply store, worth a call b4 u order online.

    Search: Diatom Powder

    It could be a number of ailments but it could only be succeptable to them because the plant and it's immune system are weakened by the pest issue.

    All just brainstorming here,...I DID NOT stay at a Holiday Inn last night so take it for what it's worth. :D
  10. Oh Fuck! :eek:

    I hate spider mites :mad: The borg lol That sure fits.:rolleyes:

    Co2 man. Seal the room and fill it with co2 . They will die. :hello:

    Find Myles. :rolleyes: Shit I'll find him for ya.:bolt:
  11. HIGH All, I just went to the Web site <T^H^C> and this is what they say "Best of all, AzaMax can be applied up to the time or day of harvest" So it like your good to Grow right up to Harvest if you want.
  12. you can buy diatomaceaous earth at your local pool store, but it's not cheap
  13. Spider mites.:eek:...heres some helpful info...

    spider mites cannot handle high rh, they will actually explode.. so get a humidifier in there right away, it also slows thier cycle way down,

    They actually have a life cycle where they molt. 3 stages i believe...adults are the only stage that lays eggs.
    If they cant molt they cant lay eggs... Neem oil stops them from molting so its a good way to again slow them down.

    You can give you plant a cold water bath, use the kitchen sprayer and try to spray the bottom of the leafs well, enough pressure will actually knock the eggs off also...

    If you mix 91% alcohol with water...50/50
    Spray the plants, all over... pay extra close attention under the leafs..
    The alcohol kills them on contact, It evaporates fast enough it doesnt hurt your plants.

    Obviously these are the organic approaches..
    The only ones I would consider...

    Hope this helps mate...
    I wouldnt have even known you were here if not for UNOIT>.. good guys he is..;)

    Like serg said the c02 is suppossed to be the best way, seal the room get ppms of co2 1500-2000
    keep there for 15 minutes, repeat 3 days later.. everything in the grow room will be dead except your plants. This can also kill you so do not be in there and have a plan for evacuation as to not harm yourself our your family..

    The eggs take three days to hatch.. so whatever you decision is to treat them you have to do it every three days.. i would recomend for a couple weeks min..
  14. To add to Yoda's alcohol spray suggestion, make sure to do the topsoil also and then mix it up a bit (the topsoil) and spray again and then do it a few more times. Often they are hanging in the nice moist warmth an inch or so under.

    Hit them a few times during the light cycle for a few days. I did this when I got them (Slingers advice) but I noticed it right away and it worked very well, I didn't even have eggs yet so I didn't need to go outside the organic answer (which I always like to try first but your infest seems much worse than mine was)
  15. Lol! What they said! ^^^^^ :hello: Great growers, great advice.

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    I will definatly try this stuff when i can afford some...

    I would have a co2 setup but once again, money issue... any other ways to produce that much just to get rid of them?

    Thats what they said on the bottle as well as leaves no harful residue, my concern is that it will affect the resin and THC somehow on contact because you have to DRENCH the plants whch i have been and ive noticed quite a difference. Aza max is SUPPOSE to kill eggs and larvae* on contact and deprives the bugs themselves of nutrients. So far so Good.... its a good think im patient i hope she pulls through, but what i dont understand is that i have 4 in my flower, 3 infested and the other (which is a brand new strain and the very first plant of it) withought a bug and doing so good. :confused:

    Thanks for all the info guys!

    EDIT: I chopped some of my 8 1/2 week SIS early that ive been spraying with azamax to the day and it smokes great, amazing high
  17. they say Mites actually pick a fav and Hang out there...

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