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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Rollin a rillo, Smokin on killo. Im young in the game, Now what im talkin bout but aient a damn thang change.

    Gettin fucked up.

    Been a decent day. Rough week.

    No drankin all damn week, Not since sunday. Not smoking much either jus pretty much a couple bowls at night.

    Today woke up round 10 which is damn early. Round 11 had to roll out and take care of some bizz. Got back round 1:30 to see my girl callin thankin somethings wrong cuz i aient called her yet and i tell her everthings all good then she starts trippin bout dumb shit. When me n her fight, I swear my world turns upside down. I aient got nothing to look forward to but her. So it sucks.

    Tryin to talk to her and got intterupted a good 5-6 times by people beepin in for bizz shit.

    Fuckin a ya know.

    Talked like half a hour over a hour period then she got pissed about it and said ttyl and aient heard from her since.

    Said fuck it.

    Picked up a ounce for personal use.

    Pretty damn good upper mids. Bill 15 a oz cuz im cool like that. :cool::p

    It was round 1:30 i smoked 2 joints of roach weed when i had to take care of some shit with a homie and we blew em.

    Then later on round 4:30 i smkoed by myself. Ive been working out alot more then i have for awhile. Abused my body for so many years with so many drugs and newports n shit. So been hittin the treadmill for about 45 minutes a day and weights for about 45 minutes 3 times a week. Today i went ballistic on shit. Decided to smoke down while doin it. Lit up a J before hittin the treadmill and took 2-3 hits, Turned on the sub and hit the treadmill. I hit it for a hour and a half which is double normal. Then hit the weights for 45 minutes. So almost 3 hours working out fuckin exhasted afterwards and rolled up a couple j's and got my family high.

    Now im chillin, Not sure if ima go to a party or night. Drank a few shots of whiskey and a few brews. Smoked a bowl, Bout to pack another.

    Well, Heres to another 4,000 posts gettin fucked up on GC. :smoking::cool::gc_rocks::gc_rocks::bongin::hippie::smoke::smoking:
  2. congrats dude. stick around, the place wouldn't be half as good without your stories every few days.
  3. nice workout routine i try to blaze before working out becuase it makes working out fun and i think i actually get higher when i lift when im high. ksr, keep doin what ya doin and maybe your body can forgive you for smokin them tobacco's. haha im a hypocrite tho cuz i smoke blacks. weed is better than ciggs so do ya thang.
  4. You're catching up to me, KSR :)
  5. ! w!ll c@7c|-| j00 r@s7@ m@|\| !!!!

    lol :smoking:
  6. Damn, nice :) lol, I'm getting close to 1000, when I do I'm gonna smoke a Huge blunt. Til then, this next bowl of Sour Deisel is for you KSR, wince your weeks been rough and you got to 4000
  7. congrats man ... be safe.

  8. I hear ya.

    I usually hit the treadmill for 45 minutes everyday if not 6 days a week. I think ima change that to a hour daily now. Today did it again. Fuckin went ballistic on it hahah. A hour fast on the treadmill then immediatly after hit the weights for a good 45 minutes again. Hopped in the shower and here i am. My arms feel like their bout to fall off but its all good.

    Now its time to sit back, Drink some brews and relax.

    Edit: Thanks for the congrats yall. R_M, You got double then me homie and you only here a month longer. Spammer. ;) :p Jus messin homie. Ill be damned suprised if i catch up to you cuz you jus keep on posting like i do lol.
  9. damn boy, big poster!

  10. I have been here just under a year longer than you, and you double me! SPAMMER! :smoking:

  11. congrats man and heres:bongin: to 4,000 more
    damn i need to get posting you guys are leaving me in the dust :laughing:
  12. Congrats on hitting 4000... I wonder if I will ever get there? :p
  13. Congrats on 4,000 KRS, you're the only one on this forum I've seen who drinks more than i do.

    good luck with everything.
  14. :laughing:

    On that note, Ive been really enjoying hittin the treadmill latley. Fuckin ive worked out off and on for years weigths wise. I was pretty damn fit when i was 15-16. I was 6 foot and 220-230 lbs and not really chubby at all.

    Anyways, I hit it for a hour and ive been feelin healtiher like breathing better since ive done smoked 10000000 cartons of newports and so many blunts and drank so much shit.

    Feel good doin it, Then hittin the weights extra hard i feel layed back without any drugs haha.

    But drank 4 brews and smoked 2 joints on 3 heads. Feelin damn good. Hope yall enjoy the night like i will.:smoking:
  15. hjell yeah i got a quarter oif dank for 25
  16. Nice, KSR, nice. I knew you would be getting close to 4K. Too bad I missed your 4kth post. Where is it, or is this it?
  17. ^The original post in this thread was it.
  18. Well i have just gone over 2k, no need for another thread :p
  19. Congrats!x2

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