4.0 stemless double showerhead waterlevels

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  1. Soooo, I totally spaced asking where the proper water levels should be when I bought it. Can anybody offer some assistance? Lol

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  2. Better photo

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  3. I can't see much from the pic but usually on any bong put the water just above the holes. You just want enough water so when you pull the smoke is filter through it. Too much water leads to drag and makes it harder to pull. Too little means the smoke won't be filtered through the water.
  4. Posted a better pic. There's 2 chambers and idk how much to put in the bottom or how much over the showerheads. Its harsh with the water right above the showerheads, but way smoother about an inch above.
  5. put just enough water so that all smoke passes through water . So cover the perc with about half a cm water over it.
  6. Just enough to cover the slits. Maybe a little more if you like it better that way.
  7. In my showerhead bubb i keep it half inch above the perc. I like more water over less with showerheads. They have a lil initial pull but once bubbles are flowin u cant feel any drag/pull even with pretty high water levels

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