3x9 Secret Garden, Sealed closet

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  1. Hi, and welcome to my my grow journal.
    after 6 grows learning and messing around, i decided want to keep steeping it up as much as possible. the space i was in was the biggest problem to over come, witch is where i start today. i im still new at this and im recording this endeavor to learn and help others. please feel free ask questions or give advice. ~Thanks

    step1 bild room 3.8 x9.8 x8 in size
    step2 install old setup
    step3 dry test run environmental controls
    step4 solve problems caused by increased room size
    step5 begin?
    step6 upgrade largest bottlenecks in ststem
    step7 improve?

    current old set up gear
    -12000 btu AC
    -Co2 with electronic release
    -charcoal filter
    -1x600w hps/mh
    -cool tube hood
    -2x inline 6" duct fans
    -general organics nut line
    -power cables, timers, accessory
    -pots, soil, starter plugs
    -this list could go on forever
  2. how do i post pictures?
  3. Wondering the same, made my first journal last night. I felt I was not able to link them right. But did find an image insert on the same line as the B I U line. The icon shows a Mt, and yellow background. Just hover over it. Insert link.

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