3x3 veg tent - how many clones will fit

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  1. hello everyone.

    I'm going to be vegging for 9 weeks.
    Using clones in a 3x3 which will flower in a 5x5 tent after the 9 week veg.

    My question is how many clones will fit in a 3x3 tent for vegging for 9 weeks.

    Thanks so much.
  2. i'd say 6-9 maybe, what size pots will they be in?
  3. I was thinking a 2 gallon pot per.
  4. Yeah 1 per square foot should be ok. No more than that tho
  5. Okay sounds like 9 plant are how I am going to go.
    If I run out of room in veg tent I can always remote some - can't add more.

    Any guesstimate minus all the variations that 9 plant (9 week veg) would yield bud wise?

  6. It all depends on how much light you give them tbh.
  7. Veg light is
    - 2 x 3x3 (4bulb) t5 - 6500k

    Flower is:
    LED vero29
    3000k x 6
    4000k x 6
    1750k x 8
    5x5 structure for tent.

    Light isn't a problem.
    I have more light than plants can handle - have to dim to 70%.

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