3x3 tent with a 4" carbon filter evac system

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  1. I think this may be a dumb question, but i cant find the answer. I have a 3x3 tent with a 4" carbon filtered evac system. I found when i increased the lighting from a 100w to a 300w i had to add an ac unit to the mix, however this decreased the amount of air exchange to the vent outside. I've order a 6" system but my hands are tied in that i cant increase the size of the vent to the outside (landlord) so to the point i know you cant run a 6" to a 4" for obvious reasons. Can i safely run the 4" to the outside at the same time run the 6" in the sealed area under my stairs, from the tent to the sealed area w/o negatively affecting vent and oder?
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