3x3 tent and 400w grow lights

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  1. I have a 3x3 tent, with a 100 watt led light. I was gifted a 450 watt led platform. I know its much for that size tent, but will it harm my plants using lights at this wattage? If anyone has info on this matter it would be great. I know its probably a dumb question but I dont want to destroy my crop if it can be avoided.
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  2. just one of the things that can go wrong. there is a thing called too much light 4sure. for that 3x3 i would just go for 270w, 300w tops. ofc the led quality is important too but generally those wattages are enough with good coverage.
  3. If you have a dimmer on the light you don't need to worry.
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    Dimmer you'll be fine, as mentioned above. What brand, if you dont mind me asking?

    If plant tops start dropping away from light, that's too much.
  6. You'll be fine, if it was a hlg or something a bit brighter you may have had issues. Really just making sure it wasnt a blurple and fewer wattages than what was listed
  7. 2 X 4 closet here running Mars Hydro SP3000 and TSL2000 (a combined 600 w) with both units going full blast.

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