3x3 600 watt SCROG Perpetual Grow

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    Hello Grass City,

    This is going to be my very first grow journal. I have grown outdoor for many years and did one grow with my old room mate with 1000 watt light 5x5 set up. I have been lurking around grass city for a long time and i finally decided to make a grow journal. My main goal of this journal is to make sure I am doing everything correct and to help answer anyones questions.

    This time around I am going to be using a 3x3x6 grow tent with a 600 watt light. My veg tent is a 4x2x5 with a 6 bulb 4f T5 light with 324 watts. I am using fox farm ocean forest for my soil for everything

    Here is my flower tent equipment
    iPower GLSETX600DHMCT6 600-Watt Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH Grow Light System for Plants - Cool Tube Set (got it from amazon- in the mail)

    Secret Jardin Darkroom II Pro DR90 36"x36"x72"(got it form amazon - in the mail)

    Comfort Zone CZ6C 6-Inch 2-Speed Clip-On Fan x2

    Acu Rite Indoor Humidity Monitor

    I am going to get a exhaust fan and filter from my local grow store. Everything for my flower tent should be here and up sometime next week. I will post pictures of the flower tent onces its up.

    Here is my veg tent equipment

    Grow Tent 48"x24"x60" Hydroponics Grow Tent 4'X2'X5' 100% Reflective Mylar


    Comfort Zone CZ6C 6-Inch 2-Speed Clip-On Fan x2

    I am growing from Seeds got all of the from Attitude Seed Bank (all seeds are feminized )

    Humboldt Seed Organisation Trainwreck x6 (4 in tent right now started germinating the other 2 should be ready to plant in a few days)

    Next Generation NY Purple Diesel x5 (2 in tent right now started germinating 3 more last night should be ready to plant in a few days)

    Barneys Farm Liberty Haze x6 (3 in tent right now started germinating 3 more last night should be ready to plant in a few days)

    Delicious Seeds AUTO Cheese Candy x1 (started to germinate last night)

    Positronics Seeds SuperCheese Express (Auto Flowering) x1 (started to germinate last night)

    There is only going to 6 total going into my flower tent which are going to be 2 purple diesel, 2 liberty haze and both auto flowering Cheese strains. The rest is going to be going outside as soon as I can.

    Here are my questions
    1. What kind of exhaust fan should i get for my 4x2x5 grow tent?

    2. What kind of exhaust fan and filter should i get for my 3x3x6

    3. Any recommendation for nutrients would be great. I haven't started giving them anything yet.

    The picture of the veg tent is taken right before i put the 3 liberty haze in. I will post pictures every few days and check my post multiple times a day. Any help is very much appreciated

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  2. Subbed! doing a similar set up for my second grow.
  3. AS for your question on the fan. I am going to order the ipower booster fan of amazon.
    I was going to go with a inline fan but I guess there too noisy.
    Do you have a air cooled hood or tube or anything like that?
    If so just make sure you get the right size fan and filter.(4 inch-6 inch)
    I am going to go with a 6 inch.
    Then just find a carbon filter of amazon.

  4. Hey Wonderer thanks for joining,

    I am using a 6 inch cool tube because i was told that it was easier to keep cool. Thanks for answering my question about the fan.
    Is the ipower fan going to be a lot quiter then a 6 inch vortex fan?

    It seems like its half the power of the average vortex fan. Do you think it will be enough power to cool a 600 watt light?

    Also do you have a grow journal going for your self?

    I will post more pictures tonight of my veg tonight once i get home from work.
  5. I think with a cool tube it would work perfect, that's the set up I want to try and run in my tent.
    It is half the power but I think at full power it will do everything it needs to do efficiently, with out overdoing it causing noise.
    I do have a grow journal but I haven't updated in a while, I haven't had a computer just my phone.
    looking forward to pics
  6. Also what pots do you plan on using during flower?

  7. Every body tells me to use smart pots but I have used them in the past in my outdoor grow and i didnt see a difference in product or how fast they grew.

    Right now i have ROSE BUCKET BLACK SQUARE POT - 1.75 GALLON - 10" x 7" x 7" that i have used in the past.

    Plus i kind of just like the hard pots better just incase someone bumps into it you dont have to worry about the roots getting missed up. I have a dog and she like to get into everything and loves to explore.
  8. I have been wondering about the smart pots as well. the reason i ask about your pots is that seems like a lot of plants for that tent.
    I'm thinking about doing 3 with a scrog.
  9. Well only 4 of them are going to go into my flowering tent. One or two of them will be made into a mother plant. The rest will be going outside as soon as they can, which is usually around the beginning of May. This journal is only for the 4 plants that are staying inside. I might make a journal for outside but i never do and have growing outdoor for 4-5 years.

    I am going to do a scrog as well but i was thinking 4 plants because its better to keep the grow area as much as a square as possible to maxims the 3x3 area. I might do 2 plants with the scrog it all depends on how big they get once im ready to start flowering.
  10. Sub'd & rep'd

  11. Hey Ninetailz

    Thanks for joining and the Rep much appreciated!!! Just gave you some rep as well.

  12. that's an excellent looking veg tent and light, that looks like a perfect fit in there for that fixture

    are you certain that there will be room in there to veg all of them if every one grows good?
  13. I planted some more seeds 2 Trainwrecks, 2 liberty haze and 1 cheese candy auto. I have 3 more seeds germinating and should be ready to plant tonight or tomorrow morning.

    I got my 600 watt light in the mail last night, just waiting for the tent. Tent is suppose to be here sometime next week. So i will have pictures of the whole set up next week.

    Here is some pictures of everything.

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  14. Hi Flatulist thanks for joining!

    Well only 4 of them are going to be going in the flowering tent the rest I will be planting outside in like a month. My Flowering tent with my 600 watt light came with a MH and HPS bulb so if they end up getting to big before im ready to put them out side i can always put some in the other tent. I wasnt going to start flowering until i put the other plants outside.

    But a 4x2 should hold the 14 plants that will be going outside no problem for a month. I am not worried at all.
  15. My bad psycho I didn't realize you had two tents I suck at reading I guess. Truly am jealous of your set up.
  16. that's a beautiful thing - what are your plans on spacing them out? - how often and how many will you plant to keep it perpetual?

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