3x3. 600 watt. scrog.. blue widow, blue hash, la widow, afghan skunk, kripple shock, bubblegum xl

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  1. This is my third grow and i will be growing in ffof/coco/perlite mix in 5 gallon smart pots .. i know 6 five gallon pots will be a tight fit but im gonna go for it lst, supercrop, scrog, top, fim will be my training methods
    20/4 for veg

    Day 14
    20160409_161823.jpg 20160409_161738.jpg
    I will be taking the 2 master kush and blue dream outside to flower once my seedlings get big enough to transplant into their permanent home.. 20160409_164243.jpg
    And my nutrient lineup 20160404_232740.jpg

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