3weeks into flower, is this a problem?

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  1. Thought the plant was just running out of nitrogen from it's stretch phase but wondering if it's something else. Any opinions? IMG_20221224_191510410_HDR.jpg IMG_20221224_191412800_HDR.jpg IMG_20221224_191417328_HDR.jpg IMG_20221224_191426708_HDR.jpg
  2. it would be unnatural for any plant to get to maturity without loosing some fans leaves
    see the 'red' as stalled sap ...so keep up the temps and shuffle them daily

    good luck
  3. What do you mean by shuffle them? Temps are around 72F.
    Thanks for the reply, really appreciate the knowledge
  4. shuffle them around the grow room each day so each plant gets some different light,
    so the plant leaf canopy is balanced
  5. 3 weeks is a bit early to see the plant translocating nitrogen. It looks to me like you have multiple minor deficiencies including potassium as noted by TimJ and nitrogen as you suspected. You might be able to finish flower as-is, but if it were my girls, I would bump up the nutes strength a little bit. Not massively, just a bump.
  6. thanks you for the reply man big thanks! ------ Im using Gaia Green organic dry amendments, how would I go about feeding the plant faster without having to wait for my organic amendments to break down in the soil? Whilst staying organic. I fed first week of the switch, and once more when I saw the yellowing towards the bottom, since then the leaves have been turning a golden bronze with hints of reds. IMG_20221226_155123044_HDR.jpg IMG_20221226_155103453_HDR.jpg
  7. I don't grow in soil, I do soil-less media. I am honestly not certain what the quickest way to add some nutes in a precise fashion is for soil. I do see that Gaia Green also has straight fertilizer at 4-4-4, but don't know how that would play with the organic environment in your root zone. Maybe they could answer that? Lots of soil growers around here, hopefully one will pick up on this and be able to help.
    @BrassNwood is this one you might know? How to apply 'emergency' nute addition to soil grown plants. They are deficient a few weeks in flower.
  8. And stay strictly organic? Hmmmm Any number of "Teas" come to mind. Chicken manure, Kelp, Malted Barley Powder. The MBP will have no real nitrogen so it won't do weird stuff that adding high nitrogen in flower can do that the other two might cause.

    I'd likely just let then finish and shed what leaves they will. I've had plants finish as golf balls on bare sticks and it was still good buds. Feed them better in the run up in veg. More Chicken Manure between runs.

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  9. Thanks for the reply, I ended up checking my dosing of dry amendments and realized I've been feeding 1TBSP per 5gallons of soil, when the Gaia Green requires 1TBSP per gallon of media. Added 3TBSP of 4-8-4 Power Bloom, and 2TBSP of All purpose for a kick in nutrients all around, hopefully this will kick the buds into gear and makeup for the lack of nutes. Haven't learned how to read PPMs and EC so kinda just been guessing based on my plants. Will update you on how it goes in the next week, hopefully I didn't mess her up. Will look into some of the teas you listed, haven't tried a tea before and just thought it was a hassle for little benefits! Hoping she was just underfed.
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  10. Malted Barley (2 or 6 row) can be found at a home brew beer supplier. 1 pound is all you need and it should be $2.00. Don't let them crack it for you if they offer. A Coffee Been grinder will powder it well enough for our needs. Any cheap unit will do.

    Can with be bubbled with air blowing through it or just steeped in a jar of water (1 tablespoon per quart of water) or toss a tablespoon of MBP under the plant and scratch it in to the top soil a bit then water it in lightly.
    The stuff is like Steroids for Organics.

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  11. Just to add to what BNW posted. Malted barley is full of beneficial enzymes such as phosphatase, chitinase, urease, protease and amylase. These enzymes act as catalysts in your soil, helping microbes break matter down into nutrients your plant can use. You should add your flowering ganga green dry nutrients 3 weeks PRIOR to entering the flowering cycle. The phosphorus in ganga green power bloom comes in the form of mainly bone meal and fish bone meal. They take about 3 weeks to become plant available. It does contain some bat guano and that is readily available. But, as you stated you didn't add enough at the proper time. I'd suggest backing off on the all purpose 4-4-4 as you don't want the added nitrogen during flower development.
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  12. I'm def gonna grab some and top dress with it, sounds like something my garden needs, thank you for the replys guys.
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  13. Teas can be a bit of a pain, but a re a great way to give your grow a quick hit of readily available nutrients. :thumbsup:
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