3rd week pics, updated setup

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  1. I doubt anyone has been following these guys, but i am very exited and intriqued.

    Many of my plants are developing fairly well, and one is doing exceptionaly well.

    I dont know if some of my shorties are possible indicas? they are all bag seeds, and i germinated about 50, and then planted 20, and have weeded them down to six, and then 4 by tonight most likely. I wanted peoples opinions on which ones i should get rid of/keep.

    I also was wondering what size pots i should transplant into tonight. I should have room for 4 1 gallon pots. I can increase my area too if need be, I am already having to space my largest one away from the others so they all get light. haha!

    I have sockets and room for 10 CFL lights and they are adjustable. I am using 8 soft white 26W CFLs and 2 5500 K 26W CFLs.

    I did not know if the 5500K lights were even effective at all. I purchased them because they said daylight, which i figured was typically 6500K (home depot) @ walmart, they have some 6500K lights that i want tho. I understand that i should be using primarily the 6500K lights during vegitative growth. Am i hurting my plants with the 8 soft white lights? I can afford to purchase another 2-4 lights each week, and tonight i was going to buy 2 6500k lights, and 4 1 gallon pots.

    I am considering adding another tier to my grow area however, because i have only about 3 feet of vertical grow space. Would LST still be a viable option at this stage? (too late?)

    I am skeptical about LSTign a bit.

    what do you all think? If you stuck it through reading this, tell me what you think, i will respond to input, and really apreciate it.

    This is my second grow attempt, and have spent around 70 bucks alltogether including lights for everything.

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  2. As well, i forgot to add, what should i do about nutes? I have MG liquid nutes (8-7-6) and a nitrogen powder that is 24-8-16. I have given them half strength of each starting last saturday, and today they will get full strength (week 3). good strategy?

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  3. Looks good man nice job so far. Keep them cool and they will be girls.
  4. does anyone know if the really short and stalky ones could be a strain of indica? they have all started at the same time, and actually, my biggest i think is 2 days behind the others. what is the deal with one plant growing like, WAY bigger than the others?

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