3rd week of flower

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  1. Wow. What can I say about this big ole girl. She is coming along so good and perfect. Since I started my flower she's gained 14 inches! My flower spots and just getting bigger and denser everyday! I had finally had enough money to pick up a soil and water TDs ppm and a pH testers. Saves me alotta time... Much more accurate too. Well I'll post more at week 4 next week. Thanks guys.

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    This BTW is fem super skunk #1 from g13.
  3. Shes nice and all, I'm curious why this was posted in the sick plants and problems forum
  4. Because everyone on this forum has helped me get this plant this far with a few issues I couldn't figure out alone on a first grow. Just wanted to show my appreciation too the guys who helped me along the way. That's all.

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