3RD Week Into Flowering?

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  1. Well im in the 3rd week of flowering for my 2 ladies, and I was just curious how big other peoples buds were in the 3rd week. This is my first attemp at growing and didn't expect to make it this fare so im happy with what I got but they do seem pretty small... There in 10 Inch pots... Might this be the problem?

    If anyone has pics of there plants in the 2nd or 3rd week of flowering post them up!
  2. check grow journals
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    These pics are both taken at end of third week of flowering.
    This is a soil scrog grow, 5 plants each in 5 gallon pots under a 250 HPS.

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  4. look pritty damn good man for only being 3 weeks in. happy havesting :)

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