3rd underage...why do i keep getting caught?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by J Grizzo, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I don't get why? I'm extremely unlucky, I don't do anything ridiculous, or that would draw alot of attention, i always just HAPPEN to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, it sucks so much! another 2 year suspension on the license :( and i'm not even done with the 1 year suspension from the 2nd one...annnd I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to oxy cause I started throwin up and feeling like shit when I stopped using it for a day. Geeze i'm so prone to fucking up...just thought i'd share my woes with you all...thanks.
  2. That's where you fucked up man, stay off that shit, and you'll stay out of trouble. I know it's hard to kick an opiate addiction but man you just gotta do it! Do it for your blades at the city! :hello:
  3. sounds like my friend steve, hes always getting into more shit and then some, i cant really relate though as ive never been in trouble with the law so far, im really lucky in that sense
  4. Yep I got arrested a long time and I haven't sense, you just gotta focus on keeping
    your life on the right track brother!

    And deff kick the opiate off your menu.
  5. Damn dude, that sucks. Everyone knows one of those guys, the guy who always gets caught. Sorry to hear you're that guy.
  6. Yea the opiates are nothin but bad news, and it being that guy is the worst. I don't even party that much, I'm the last of my friends that should have all this legal stuff against them. Such is life..........thanks for the support guys.
  7. Yeah, I've gotten an underage drinking charge before and that shit was not any fun. I hated getting my license suspended and it made me feel like a retard for getting caught.
  8. thats why i only fuck wit weed. i dont drink or smoke/pop anything else
  9. Ya man pills arent cool if your doing them everyday.. you have to know when and where you should be taking them. Chemicals are nothing to be messed with. You might as well be smoking meth, you know?

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