3rd Times the Charm

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  1. I just joined the forum recently and wanted to post my story of how I began smoking on here just for the hell of it.

    Let me start off with my pre-smoking days...

    I didn't smoke until I was 19 years old. All the time leading up to that I was one of the kids that bought into everything that D.A.R.E. and other programs fed to kids. I remember looking at people that smoked as the worst in society. I looked down upon people that smoked. All throughout highschool a couple of friends of mine would always try to get me to smoke but to no avail.

    After highschool I debated trying it and after my friends thousandth attempt I actually did.

    This is where it gets a little interesting.
    My first attempt was out of a crazy bong, about 4 feet with a couple percs and an ash catcher. I hit it twice and for the next 20 minutes only experienced loss of balance and not much else. But then I started throwing up, I felt like shit for the next couple of hours.

    So after that night I wasn't looking at weed happily. After about a month I gave it another try just to see if I would have a different experience. Yet again I had a horrible experience, without the throwing up though.

    So after two smoking sessions I didn't feel up to continue trying to smoke. BUT I tried it for a third time, and for me, the third time was the charm. I got annihilated and had a blast leading to me smoking occasionally for the next 6 months. I might add that by the time I started smoking, my friend's bong had been broken.

    Skip a year ahead, now I smoke daily with my whole group, where half of them didn't smoke in highschool, we now blaze everyday together.

    So for anyone trying it and having failed attempts the first couple of times don't give up, and try again. Thats how I started smoking and I'm thankful that I tried it that third time.
  2. Well son, let's blaze soon. Thanksgiving right? u know who this is
  3. ofcourse, right when I get back non-stop smoking. I like your quote puff or pass, son!

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