3rd times a charm?

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  1. Can't get past seedlings for some reason...Fine germinating, sprout up and open up first set of leaves, then when second start to come through, they seem to die. (They start to live off environment instead of seed nutrients?) Now 1 1/2 weeks old...No nute peat cubes under 400w MH. I have a humidifier next to my grow area with some cardboard to direct the humid air from the fan over the top for some light breeze. My hygrometer reads temp fine, but not humidity, I'm going to return it to my local store for one that works. Temps did creep to 85F, but now stable around 75F. Bottom of one stem turned yellow from heat. I think I over-watered my first two attempts, and have let the tops dry before adding water. Am I under-watering now? Before they got to where they are now, the roots tried to grow out the bottom of the the cube holder.One's dead, but I'm continuing to give it water and light, the other one seems dead, but it's standing up. Take a look at the pic and lemme know if this is salvageable and what I can do to fix it.HELP!(Still trying to figure out how to upload pics through proxy...)
  2. are you transplanting into larger pots? if your putting the peat pellets under a 400 watts they will dry out way to fast.
  3. Thanks for such a quick response!

    That's probably it then... too dry, would it make sense to just keep flushing water through them throughout the day until my store opens tomorrow and I can get pots and soil?

    (Still working on uploading pics, any help on that? The manage attachments page keeps reloading when I try to upload...)
  4. fingers crossed...

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  5. I'd prefer to save my seedling(s) if possible... Is it too late?

    I'm going to assume that if I get them away from the light and keep them moist until I can transplant into some soil, they have a chance to come back... Yes/No?
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    It's worth a try. The peat moss does dry very quickly. You probably need to moisten then several times a day. Just spoon a little water on them. I use cfls so I can't say much about the lights but they may be too hot at the moment. They want to go into a bigger pot if they have grown out the bottom of the cube. I haven't managed to get mine beyond the seedling stage yet either but my current one seems like she might make it. She's 6 days old now.
  7. I can't get the pic to open through my proxy server I use at work but they look really dry. Do you have a dome for these guys?
  8. dont need a dome. What you need to do is make sure your (rapid rooter???) cube is MOIST for most of the day for a seedling to get water. Also the lights cannot be too close, for a 400 w ide put at least 3 ft in seedling. get them in a soil cup dixie with a moist medium. Then start feeding 1/4 nuter solution of chemicals at week 2
  9. if you want a high success rate, you should use this soil mix. it's easy and you don't have to add any other nutes through out the grow. just add water when needed! there are lots of growers on this site that use this method or similar with great results.

    good luck.


    Vic's Super Soil recipes & notes

    Super Soil Mix

    Revised Recipe, after several failures due to bad manure sources, I now use the following recipe. Results have been excellent and the clones seem to take off right away instead of having a slow growing settling in period.

    1 Bale sunshine mix #2 or promix (3.8 cu ft)
    8 cups Bone Meal - phosphorus source
    4 cups Blood Meal - nitrogen source
    1 1/3 cups Epsom salts - magnesium source
    3-4 cups dolomite lime -calcium source & pH buffering
    1 tsp fritted trace elements
    4 cups kelp meal.
    9kg (25 lbs) bag pure worm castings

    - Mix thoroughly, moisten, and let sit 1-2 weeks before use.


    - The original recipe was a success, but I simply needed to experiment. In addition, sometimes not all ingredients were always available. Therefore, here are some possible additions and/or substitutions:

    Blood & Bone Meal - when trying to cut costs
    Kelp Meal - contains over 62 trace minerals. Good supplement for reducing the manure content to speed availability of soil.
    Worm castings - excellent source of micro nutrients.
    Bat guano - excellent for top dressing a week into flowering.
    Seabird guano
  10. for my money, theyre starving. those peat pellets dont feed the plant, they just hold water.

    give them a low dose of some nute water, or just put them in some very mildly fertilized soil....you dont want to give them anything too strong, because they cant handle much nute burn at this point. if there is a chance that they live, i bet they show serious signs of improvement within the first 36 hrs of being in something with a little nutrient
  11. By the time you have leaves those peat pellets should be buried in dirt in a nice big pot. Those plants need soil to eat and drink from. You can't grow a plant in a peat pellet.

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