3rd time Growing. My best so far

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  1. Hello there. This is my first post on here. This will be my 3rd time growing outdoors but my first time going organic. I'm only using Down To Earth fertilizers. I have 4 cookie glue's(one in a 20 gallon pot, 3 in ground). 2 Chlem (clementineX Chem dawg) from seen. One of them is in the ground and the other is in a 30 gallon fabric pot. I also am growing pumpkins and corn and pole beans. I'll post pics of before I started and what it looks like as of July 23, 2017. Thank you for your time

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  2. More before pic. In May and June

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  3. Plants look good and healthy. Did you have any growing experience outside cannabis prior to this? For just you 3rd grow you plants look better than many other growers. What state are you located in?

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  4. Yes I have growing experience. I was a landscaper for 7 years and have been studying Bonsai for the last 5 years. I live in the Bay Area, California
  5. Oh and thanks
  6. I'm in the Bar Area also. I currently live in Vacaville. My prior background comes from military and government work until my disabilities made it impossible to work. I had never grown anything successful until I decided to start growing cannabis over 7 years ago. Before that I killed everything somehow. Looking back I was under and overwatering the plants along with not feeding them when it was needed. Since I started growing cannabis I have researched and studied it intensely and almost a day doesn't pass where I'm at least reading others grows and their questions. I try to keep learning and trying new methods and feel I will always be a student if growing all plants. I have read numerous books, websites, along with talking to numerous people. I have hooked up with a few growers from Grasscity in the past and they continue to be friends today. I find learning to grow cannabis and other plants has been rewarding to me and gives me something to do with my time. I am still learning about growing veggies but each year I get better. I need to expand my garden but need to build more raised beds. This year I started growing peppers with the intent of learning how to grow them and using the peppers to make an organic solution for ipm. Last week I decided that next year I would grow more varieties of hot peppers (currently have 13 types) so I ordered the hottest peppers seeds ever created. I can't wait to grow these extremely hot peppers. The Carolina Reapers is the hottest ever recorded and I can't wait to grow them next year alone with other varieties that are as hotter than jalapeños. I'm still new to veggies but my experience growing cannabis had greatly helped me. I am impressed by the photos of you plants. Wonderful job. I do have an outdoor grow journal if you are interested in seeing my full gardens. I'll have to link the page later if interested unless you find it. I would now but I'm falling asleep as I write. Keep up the great work and maybe one day we will cross paths.

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  7. Sure send me the link I'll check it out. And this is my first time Growing veggies. I just hope the corn comes out good
  8. So my current feeding schedule is:

    Tuesday's, Wednesday or Thursday's I'll foliar spray with a tea I brew for 24-48 hours. The mix is:
    5 gallon bucket of water with about 1-2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, brew this for a day first to kill off any bad pathogens then add:
    1/2 - 1 cup Neem Seed Meal(Down To Earth)
    Spray them really good(using this to help keep bugs away. I spray in the late evening before he sun is fully down. Bugs come out at night) Every other week I'll add 1/4 cup of Azomite(Down To Earth) with the Neem

    Every Friday or Saturday morning I'll give them a tea that I brew for 24-48 hours. I got the recipe from MedicallyFit on YouTube. I don't add everything he does, I take the basics and add some other stuff. (I have topped dressed the soil 2 times with this same recipe) the mix is:

    All "Down To Earth" fertilizers(every other week I'll add 2-4 tbls of fish emulsion with kelp by EB Stone)
    In a 5 gallon bucke of water
    1/4 cup Blood Meal
    1/4 cup Bone Meal
    1/4 cup Granular Humic Acid
    1/4 cup Azomite
    1/2 cup Neem Seed Meal
    1/4 cup Kelp Meal
    1/4 cup Alfalfa Meal
    1/4 cup Oyster Shell
    1/4 cup Langbeinite
    1/4 cup Bat Guano 9-3-1
    1 cup Earth worm Castings
    1 - 1 1/2 cup compost
    And top dress with Feather Meal. For the first month I dilute the mix 1 gallon to 1 gallon of water and give each plant a 2 gallon mix. Now(and this was my second time trying this, still learning trick) I dug a cross trench between my plants and added Xtreme Gardening Mykos to the roots that I could see(not much the first time I did this) then I dumped the Tea in the trench. 2 days later the BLEW UP!!! The second time I dug the trench there were a lot more roots, so the Mykos really helped. I added more Mykos because there were more roots and I want MORE lol. So far the plants are loving it. Now I just wished I didn't plant the damn corn so close to my babies lol first time Growing corn.
  9. Kronicly Insane's 2017 Outdoor gardens.

    Kronicly Insane's 2017 Outdoor gardens.

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