3rd run, 2000w Diesel x AK. Input encouraged

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm running 12 Diesel x AK, 3 Thai Lights plants in organic amended coco/soilless

    For nutes I'm running the full GH line. Feeding tonight is 1500ppm, last week was 1350 and 750 (water every 3-4 days when the medium dries).

    Lighting is 2x iPower 1000w A/C HPS with 200 CFM inline fan pulling through a 850cfm rated carbon filter and pushing through both 1000w's exhausting outside. Running a 14000 btu dual port air conditioner inside the tent with both rear ports connected to the outside.

    They're currently at day 18 from 12/12 flip and looking beautiful, they started throwing pistils at day 6 from flip and they're just now finishing up with their stretch. I'm working my way through lollipopping the lower bud sites and not removing any fan leaves anywhere except where already dead. Last 2 runs I destroyed too much of my canopy with defoliation and didn't have many leaves for the last 3 or so weeks. The plants are currently 23-26" tall from the base of stem. Vegged just over 4 weeks and began flip at 17-20 inches so I'm wondering if they have a bit more stretching to do but either way my canopy is about 15-20" deep which should be ideal.

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