3rd place in Cannabis Cup

Discussion in 'General' started by mickthedroog, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I know this is random as shit---

    but have any of you won third place in the cannabis cup in the last few years?
    if you havnt do you know who has or his pseudonym?
  2. why 3rd place and not 1st or 2nd ?
  3. Didn't you read his title!?
    He's not so serious.
  4. This guy has grown some bomb blueberry and I want to purchase his genetics off attitude, cause Im thinkin if he won third he must be on there.
  5. oh lord. My friend might just be a retard and mean that his genetics were third......because I was on the winners site and Greenhouse was on there. I mean co'mon thats Dutch.....

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