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  1. Did a little more planning this year. Used fox farm soil with pure blend pro and fish/guano mix for nutes. Started around late May. Here or pics of progress.

    2x-blueberry kush
    Headband kush
    Jedi master kush
    Mental floss
    The flav

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  2. 30 day update.

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  3. Lookin great man!
  4. Nice update man. Fox Farm soil at work huh?

    Next year put them in huge pots and a little more perlite. You will double the size. Or just do what you did this year for it's working. Nice work man.
  5. Thanks man. I used fox farm soil. Nutes I started with pro blend grow and fish/bat guano mix. Once I flowered I switched to pro blend bloom, fox farm big bloom, and floralicious plus. My mental floss is almost half thru so I am going to stop the floral plus and use cns-17 ripe by botanicare. I would of used smart pots but the 15 gallon ones I used are about as big as I can go. Factors like height of my fence and a lot of neighborhood kids around my court haha. My backyard is nice and big though but just trying to be cautious even though they are all legal.
  6. yeah man nice plants !

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