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  1. This is a co-op grow-op, multiple strains, 100% legal. I have watched this site a while and now I'm trying to grow 18 plants total with the help of two other people and the guide of yall! . The goal is medicine for 3 people for the rest of the year ??
    So let's begin!!!
    Strains x Amount
    Space Hammer x 1 (9lb Hammer X Space Candy)
    M.O.B. x 2
    Jedi Kush x 2
    Blue Lemon Thai x 4
    PineApple Chunk x 1
    Caramel Candy Kush x 3
    Moose & Lobster x 3
    Delilah Haze x 1
    Super Silver Haze x 1
    Kasey Jones x 1
    All were received as clones except Space Hammer which was an accidental breed. Total invested on plants was 80$.

    Soil : Promix BX 2 60lb bags @ 60$
    Perlite #3 2 bags 50$
    EWC 4 bags @ 12$
    Bat Guanno (only in final pots/ free)

    Water phd at 6.7 before Tea
    With tea Ph'd at 6
    Soil Ph - Untested ( so far )

    Location: Private Property with a 4ft construction frence at 30sq ft, plants on pallets.
    Pestisides used : Neem oil than later on Azamax at lowest recommended % and DE top dess mixed wirth perlite, though with latest transfer DE was scraped off (caked up after rains).

    Side note : The tea is mixed my a local organic caregiver in a vortex brewer.
    Greenhouse / cover in progress of making.
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  2. 5 B.L.Ts at a young age recovering from spider mites treated with Avid from the caregiver I received these from (100% free)
    2 Jedi Kush's 1 week after rooting
    Space Hammer 4-5 weeks Old 1501269675147.jpg
    3 Moose and Lobster in Back 4 BLTS in front

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  3. I would place the treated plants off to the side and in some shade, last thing you want is some avid resistant mites in your garden. I would watch them for a while for any signs of mites while they heal up before moving them with the others.

    Another good option to add to your pest line up a spinosad (Capt Jacks bug killer), if you have mites this is pretty good to add to rotation. Be advised though it is a live product and is only one the leaves for about 5 days. Pair that up with neem and insecticidal soap if you have to get pests under control.

    If that fence is for deer it will need to be taller, they can clear even 8' ones if they really want in.
  4. The deer in the area prefferr food elsewhere ;) I should have also noted that mites are gone :) And that ive been battling Fungus Gnats but have gotten them under control for the most part. I have to look into spinosad so I can rotate treatments. Thank you for input!!

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  5. Apply bTi to the soil and it will kill their larvae. You can either buy a bottle of it or you can get mosquito bits or crushed mosquito dunks and top dress it and it will apply bTi when ever you water.
  6. Will it kill my microbes? Mycoraz- ?

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  7. Nope, it is a bacteria. BTI is effective against fungus gnats and mosquito larvae because it gets consumed by them and then in turn the bacteria eat the larvae from the inside out, kinda like in Aliens. Then the vareity bTk (thuricide) is good for controlling caterpillars, leaf rollers and cabbage moths, it is applied as a foilar spray which when the fore mentioned pest eats the leaves they also eat the bacteria. Although it is like spinosad and only survives on the leaves for about a week so requires use when pests are actively feeding. They are very targeted so check labels/internet for other pests types and they only work on stuff in its larval stage basically as an antifeedant. Unless you a squishy, it has not effect upon you.
    Another option for fungus gnats is cedar oil, which is one of the mechanisms used in goGnats. That is also a natural option but I would be concerned about my microbe population using it because of the cedar oil being anti bacterial and also the emulsifier used has been found to have antimicrobial properties.
  8. Will BTI affect my PH? Will be looking further into bti/mosquiti dunks tonight!! :)

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  9. Delilah Haze (recently tied down and put into her 10g home)
    Kasey Jones

    Space Hammer (letting this girl go Natural)
    What does this purpling mean? Temps have gotten into lower 50s a few nights buts its only on this one node
    MOB is the red bucket :)

    ] 1501370241553.jpg 1501370259258.jpg

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  10. BLT (1)
    1501614943306.jpg 1501614963962.jpg
    BLT (2)
    BLT (3)
    BLT (4)
    Jedi Kush (1)
    1501615335692.jpg 1501615381838.jpg
    Jedi Kush (2)
    PineApple Chunk
    1501615551904.jpg 1501615575711.jpg

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  11. I really don't know if it will alter pH but with that being said I have used it many times over the years without issue. I would quess that it does not from past observation all though was never looking specifically. I have been running organics for many years and never monitor pH anymore.
  12. Thats why I waa curious because I havent has a PH problem (yet;))

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  13. Space Hammer witha Jedi Kush to the right and a Caramel Candy Kush infront left of it :)
    Caramel Candy Kush
    1502895728726.jpg 1502895735203.jpg
  14. MOB front PineApple Chunk back (white bucket)
    1502895923483.jpg 1502895947040.jpg
    Delilah Haze
    Kasey Jones
    1502895997456.jpg 1502896008998.jpg
  15. Looking good man!
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  16. Really coming along. The space hammer has a really nice shape to her, although looks like she will take awhile. Also might consider adding a bit of N to the pineapple chunk, she probably still needs a bit to not rob the fan leaves to quickly otherwise her ability to process light will become very limited. A dose of two of Alaska fish would probably slow down her going yellow to soon and is easy to monitor and apply until you see results.
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  17. I literally them that day :) the space hammer is just starting to show her preflowers along with the rest of then.

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