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  1. Back in January I started my first grow. A single 150 watt HPS and 1 C99(Female Seeds)
    I was able to pull of an ounce and a half from that plant, and the smoke was pretty good.
    2 Months ago i started 4 clones under 2 150 watt HPS, just finished jarring those and it looks like a good 3 O's.
    Ive decided to move up and only grow 2 Plants, seeing as it is all personal.
    My set up will be as follows
    2.5x2.5 ft SCROG
    32 x 32 x 63 inch Tent
    400 CFM Fan with Carbon filter, Filter> duct>hood>duct>fan>attic (does that sound right?)
    there will be a 240 cfm pulling my 73 degree room air into the tent, exhaust as said before will be going into attic.
    I will be using a Nano Xtreme 600 Watt dimmable ballast with a 600 Watt Hortilux bulb.
    Also, i will have the Exhale bag hanging inside for some co2
    I will be growing DWC bubble buckets seeing as ive had pretty good success with them.
    There will be 2 Chemdawg Clones inside the tent
    Ive only used the Lucas Formula since i started and i love it, simple and the smoke turns out great. 
    How are the other nutrient line ups compared to this lucas formula? i was looking at buying another line up but it seems like its just more money for the same product and outcome.
    Everything is on its way
    Currently have:
    600 Watt dimmable ballast
    2x 600 watt super hps hortilux
    2 DWC Bubble Buckets ( 2 Airstones in each with 4 valve pump)
    i will update as the rest of the materials arrive this week!
    How does this sound?
    Opinions and Critique are welcome!

  2. Welcome to GC, az!
    Sounds like a good setup, although I don't think the intake fan is necessary.  I have a 1k ac hood in a 4x4x7 with a 6" ~400 cfm exhaust to outside and passive intake and my temps are golden.  For the passive intake I used a 6" duct extender.  I duct-taped some insect screen on the outside and put it in an unoccupied lower ducting sleeve, opposite the side air is being drawn from.
    Good Luck!!
  3. Thank you for the input! I will see howmmy temps are and if the fan will ne necessary. I went on the safe side and orded it a couple days ago, I finally had the money to get what I wanted.
    How does your 1000 watter do to the plant size? Ive only used 150 watt lights before
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  4. Happy to help, brotherman.
    Well, after a five week veg, and two weeks of flower, they are taller than I had anticipated lol.  I gave my girls a few extra weeks under a small walmart grow lite bc I was worried they would burn under the 1k. Didn't want to lose em.  Still ended up losing one. (before I put them under the 1k).
    Feel free to check out my grow, link is in my sig.  Plenty of pics.  The most recent pictures were taken on week 13 exactly, 2 weeks flowering exactly.  I will definitely tie them down during veg next time lol, noob mistake I suppose.
  5. I just added a 600 watt mh to veg if needed
    Everything should start arriving tomorrow or today

    Ill post up pictures of what I have so far when I get home from work today

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  6. Looking forward to it brobeans B)
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    You might be better off using both fans for exhaust. They will have no problem pulling air into the room. The key is getting it out.

    These are 3-5 weeks veg from seed, under a 1000w mh. 10 plants in total. The ones on the left are the oldest. One is God Bud, the other is The Black. Both are about 3 feet from soil. All plants were under the 1000w mh right from seed...

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  8. Ill keep that in mind! When I first decided I wanted to get a bigger hps and air cooled with a tent, I wanted to make sure all heat issues were dealt with.
    Seeing 10 plants under that makes me think 2 is overkill under my 600 watt
    Nice progress btw!!!
    Heres what I have new minus buckets, lids and nutes
    Also, carbon filter, 400cfm fan, and 240cfm fan week be arriving later today.


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  9. Just got ny 600 watt digilux MH, carbon filter,400 cfm fan and 240 cfm fan!
    Tent arrives tomorrw but my air cooled hood is somewhere. Ups has the order made but yet to recieve the item.

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  10. Everything is up and ready and has been for 2 weeks!
    Been busy with work and making sure these girls are ready for pictures ;)
    Here they are after 2 weeks of veg
    Switched to flower today




    Let me know what you think!

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  11. Also, original plan was scrog but my timeframe was shortened as I am moving states after this grow
    So im just letting them grow with a lil LST as needed

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  12. 1372547016130.jpg


    Another update

    Both at 800 ppm, 79 degree temp, ph of 5.6 on both.

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  13. It would be hard to over do it on the light. Just remember a higher wattage light equals better light penetration which means bigger buds for you.
  14. I can definitely see better and healthier growth all around the plant as apposed to my smaller light

    Heres another update




    Ph on the left plant was at 5.1 adj to 5.6, right plant was at 5.3 adj to 5.6

    Both still sitting at 800 ppm

    2nd week of flower :)

    How are they looking????

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  15. They look good especially the one on the right. Don't keep the light too far from them, get the most out of what you have.
  16. They are a little under 2 feet from the light
    They seem to locve it as they srent stretching too much but staying bushy

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    Update 1373146827763.jpg 1373146846056.jpg 1373146865689.jpg 1373146881936.jpg 1373146898999.jpg How are they looking?Raised to 950 PPM, ph on both is 5.6, steady 78 degrees in tentWill have more pics when Week 2 flower comes to an endSent from my SCH-I545 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. update:
    end of week 2 flower, here they are!!
    2013-07-10 10.21.28.jpg
    2013-07-10 10.21.37.jpg
    2013-07-10 10.21.46.jpg
    2013-07-10 10.21.59.jpg
    2013-07-10 10.22.12.jpg
    2013-07-10 10.22.17.jpg
    2013-07-10 10.22.22.jpg
    2013-07-10 10.22.32.jpg
    Both are at 1100 PPM and at 5.5 PH, they have started to bud! as you can see in the pictures
    How are they looking? healthy? i have yet to run into an issue ( knock on wood )

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  19. Bump

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  20. On vacation right now, update when I'm home

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