3rd grow all autos

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    well hi peeps its my 3rd grow and this time iv got 3 x auto ak47, 1 x road runner and iv got 3 x auto sweet dwarf to germinate just waiting on some more air pots to arrive my picks 001.jpg
    the big plant is a ak 47 on day 28 its been sexing for 16 days the next biggest is a auto ak47 day 13 and the small one on the left is a roadrunner day 5 and the small one on the right is a auto ak47 day 4.
    my picks 002.jpg im using some good soil from the garden center in air pots and my ferts are N 10 P 53 K 50 but only feeding the big plant the others are to young and iv got some big bud and molasses as well all at half the dosage making my way up to full strength 1m x 1m x 2m grow tent 2 x 150w hps 200 actual watts of clfs"out take fan 362 m3/h 5" carbon filter 6" oscillating fan...

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