3rd Grow 600 watt PR/ER / SSH/ CA Hash/ Royal Kush

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    I am currently in the last five weeks of my 4 white rhino and two revegged bag seed plants. One of the re-vegged mom's is a sativa mix and one is a full on indica. I really enjoyed them both a lot after my first grow that I couldn't kill them. So they went into the new flower box ( which I'm proud to have bought off the street for 50 bucks) a couple months after being flowered.

    The white rhinos have been growing like wild fire! I vegged them for 10 weeks because I was away on business around week 8 and 9. These pics were from week 3 of flower.


    My Indica Mom that I re-vegged



    I'm hoping to get a couple Ounces each off of these.

    So my next grow is going to be pretty crazy! I have:

    1x Pakistan Ryder in Germ
    1x Easy Ryder in Germ
    1x Royal Kush one week old (out of soil)
    2x Super Silver Haze one broke the soil today and the other is right behind it
    1x California Hash Plant

    Everything is feminized So I should have to yank any dudes from the chickfest hopefully. Awkward guys always screw up the lesbian action! Anyway, I digress, your probably wondering "why the hell on earth did this guy plant all of these plants on different days???" Well the simple answer is... I'm a stoner! I don't know! I was just sitting there one night and I decided to plant the Kush. Then the next day the idea for the SSH and CA Hash came along. The 5 days later.. Tonight, I've just now had the stoner realization that the autos only take 60 days and if I could fit 6 mature plants in the flower box then I could fit two more tiny plants! Also it would keep me from cutting the veg time too short.

    My setup is pretty damn sweet! I've got one little veg box with a few cfl and two flower boxes. The first flower box is 24"wx15"dx5' tall. The second flower box is much bigger. I think it's 6' tall 4' wide and 2' deep. The small flower box has a 150 Watt HPS waiting to go in for flower and the big cab has 1 400 watt HPS/MH switchable and a n-rigged cfl cluster fuck. The CFL cluster fuck is putting out about 194 REAL Watts.

    The small flower cab has been given to my girl to do her hydro thing in. She has a Super Silver Haze and a Thai Super Skunk in her 10 gallon DWC setup. We'll see how much more yield she gets with the DWC. So I guess it's going to be Fox Farms soil and nutes VS. Fox farms hydro nutes in a DWC. Iguess I have to buy her a 400 watt HPS/MH to level the playing ground!
    here is her hydro setup and the grow boxes / room


    Here is the grow room.

    Big Flower cab

    So I'll be keeping you guys updated on the WR and moms while I tell the story of the Mysterious Pakistan Ryder, and friends of course.

    Fire away with any questions or advice. This is just my third grow so I'm still getting everything down. Oh and I know that the boxes need to be painted white but I had NO-TIME at all to do this before my girls needed more room so I'm rolling with it till the next batch comes.

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  2. sorry about the first batch of pics. I'll fix it in the morning, I guess I reached a limit or something.
  3. Okay, the pics should be up now (in case someone cares)
  4. Came home today to find the two super silver haze girls and the California hash plant broke earth.

    Gave the rhino's a good strong feeding of about 50% strength nutes.

    the easy ryder and pakistan ryder haven't cracked quite yet.

    Will have pics tomorrow.
  5. today the PK ryder broke through its bean so I planted her.

    The WRs got fed last night.

    The royal kush, super silver haze and california hash plants all look good for week one growth.

    I will be transplanting them this weekend. I'll take pics then.
  6. Looking great man! Can't wait to see the harvest!
  7. thanks man, I'll take plenty of pics of the harvest and tally up the weight before and after.

    This grow journal gets two harvests! HAHA! Thats going to be a pretty good journal.
  8. The royal kush is getting along nicely. I transplanted her yesterday.

    I'm going to transplant the super silver haze's and the california hash tonight.
    pics to follow.
  9. Well if you guys are wondering what happened here, My GF Greeniebaby had a boy that impregnated my girls! So I got a shit ton of Kush x thai Super Skunk Seeds and Super Silver haze / thai super skunk seeds.

    The yield was truly awful but the bud was still decent. I liked the Kush the most! Very relaxing and tasty!

    The two autoflowers gave me about 4 or 5 grams each. I was suprised how small those plants stayed despite haveing all the room/light in the world and good nutes. Oh well, I won't be wasting valuable space in my flower box for those anymore.

    So jnow I have a Hashplant Haze 5 weeks into flower and her buds are getting BIG and sticky! I sampled a little the other day and man it was a nice high. I can't wait to harvest her! I'll post pics later.

    I also have gone hydro, I have 4 five gallon bubble buckets now with 1 thai ss, 1 Pineapple Express (attitude freebie) and 2 super silver haze x Thai super skunks. This is the mistake strain so we will see how things go.

    I'll post pics once they wake up around 8 tonight.
  10. That one pic with the brown chest my old neighbor used to grow in one just like that in his garage.. Looks good man locking you in for future updates.

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