3rd Grow 1st DWC Grow MH/HPS 600w

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  1. This is my first DWC grow. I have two home made bubble buckets both with 100 gallon air pumps. Been using the cheap test sticks for PH. About to purchase a meter though aswell as one for the nutrient levels. Both going good so far both came out female. Seeds out of some good organic cali medical kush. Let me know what you think aswell as any tips or suggestions.

    Week 5 Veg
  2. anyone?anything? thumbs up man or something? haha
  3. They look awesome. Can't wait to see what they look like when you start flowering. How long do you plan on vegging for?
  4. thanks prolly leave them vegging for about two more weeks or so...I have alot of height in my room so im not worried about size.
  5. You can esily put a few more plants under the 600w to maximize your yield.
  6. you got those on a recirculating system?
  7. Hey man this setup is awesome!!! :hello: keep the updates coming!!!:D subscribed +rep
  8. Reminds me of oscar the grouch. So green and all. A+.
  9. the node spacing could be tighter...how far away is the light..you might be able to drop it couple inches, depending......

    otherwise they look super healthy......
  10. no just two bubble buckets i change and clean the buckets about every two weeks or when needed but havent had any algae problems or anything yet.

    ya i noticed what you are saying aswell I moved the light about two days ago and its now about 9 to 10 inches above like as close as it can get without burning the tops.

    here are some more pics shes coming along :)
  11. they are looking good. if i was you i would start flowering..they look like a decent size.
  12. eh i dont really feel a need to rush i want the one on the right to get a little bigger first..i also started tying them down to reduce height n make them more bushy...got plenty of time though :)
  13. im subscribin to this one....you gonna be topping or anything?
  14. yes the main top was topped maybe you cant see in pics? and then all the under branches are topped along with the tops of the original top if that makes sense? all are being tied down to get most amount of light/lumens...
  15. sry pictures are taking 1123456789 million minutes to load my comp is all fucked up today...glad to hear it tho
  16. haha ill start posting thumbnails

  17. ya, if you plan on tieing them down, just be gentle grasshopper, this will increase light coverage significantly....and can get the light even close, providing the canopy is somewhat EVEN....
    get you hands on some VHO by AN. this foliar spray increases new growth....and it works very well.....

    looking good :hello:
  18. :hello:Tangent, where did u get your VHO?
  19. started flowering on Febuary 24th so about 4 days in now...bucket on the left showing really well lots of nice hairs everywhere...one on the right just a few very small still...all is going well keeping the ph around 6.3...getting almost too big! haha check out the difference in the leaves also...one indica on sativa not sure anyone want to help?


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