3rd grade kids in Arizona being taught to hate Capitalists, white people and America.

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  1. Where are you from?

  2. Do you believe that the way capitalism was mentioned in this context was unbiased, and part of a curriculum that teaches each viewpoint equally without bias?

    Id be willing to bet there are no books in their curriculum that equally hate on socialism.

    Soooo your okay with school curriculum teaching kids to hate?
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    I don't think this book that the kids are reading is teaching them to hate. If anything it's teaching Latino kids to distrust and resist the establishment because of racist institutions and policies of the past.

    and it's just one single book with a few controversial excerpts being taught in a single school. But from the size and tone of this thread you'd think this was effecting thousands of kids, not dozens. If a shool teacher gave white student the Turner Diaries, I'd shake my head, but I wouldn't pretend like it was a national epidemic.
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    Thats not what we're talking about. We're talking about a class that teaches kids to be racist revolutionaries and blame people with white skin for their problems.
    If thids thread shows one thing, its the main streaming of anti-white racism. I'm truly blow away by all the people who think teaching kids to be racists is a good thing. Not only that but they seem to have a lot of racist and misinformed views of what "my ancestors" are to blame for.

    This is what happens when you cast white people as the sole racists on planet earth.
    You get people like the ones we see in this thread.
  5. Drone, are you trolling?

    "This is what happens when you cast white people as the sole racists on planet earth". Well, no one is doing that; you just think people in the thread are doing that because you can't accept that someone could be opposed to your viewpoint without having something fundamentally wrong with them.

    And for the last damn time, no one is "teaching kids to be racist", or at least that's not what the video you posted showed. Again, do you know what a primary source is? Reading an excerpt from an arguably racist viewpoint is not the same thing as teaching students to be racist, not even close..

    Acknowledging the truth that US history is full of whites systematically fucking over Native Americans, Blacks, the Chinese, immigrants of "undesirable" nations, etc. doesn't make you a racist towards whites, it makes you accepting of reality.
  6. Everyone, White people are guilty of the same crime that every race has committed !!!! spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!

    Native americans need to stfu and get it over it. they sold our their own race for firewater but like to pretend like they have nothing to do with their own demise. Its fucking pathetic and laughable. Go to a reservation today and see how these noble people live! in piles of shit and beer cans because all they do is sit around, drink beer, get fat, and blame white people for their beer belly. Its like black people blaming white people for slavery when it would never have had happened if it werent for blacks selling their own kind into slavery.
  7. Your mastery of historical studies is inspiring :rolleyes:

  8. Get an education and then post on forums like you know something. Your lack of knowledge on this subject is stunning, and yet you still spout this bullshit? I won't even go into details on how wrong you are....

  9. nothing else was right about your post was right except for what was bolded
  10. How is it not racist to demonize people based on their skin color?

    Again, the class teaches them that they're "oppressed" by white people and that they need to rise up against white people.

    For example:
    History is full of Mexicans systematically fucking over all those same people. there is history of those same groups fucking over others. That's the problem. people like you have a very narrow understanding of history and then you want to spread your ignorance to the most impressionable minds. You're fine teaching them all the evils of "the white man", but not so much when it comes to the evil of everyone else that might put it in to context.

    For example, there doesnt seem to be anything about the Mexicans war on Native Americans, or the slave trade in south america. People like you use history to justify your own racist views. It no different than what the KKK and skin heads do.
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    Jesus you're a pill... Of course there has been racism and injustice committed all over the world but this was, as I understand, a course on US history, not Peruvian, not Serbian, etc. Since whites have been the dominant ethnic group through the course of the history of our country, an examination of injustice in this context necessarily deals with the role whites played.

    In terms of discussing groups that subjugated others in US history, whether we're talking the English, French, Spaniards, what-have-you, the common trend is Europeans dominating non-Europeans. That's reality.

    Why are you so afraid of admitting that whites (like blacks, like Asians, like latinos etc. have in other instances in world history when they were the dominant ethnic group) have played a part in the discrimination of minority ethnic groups in the United States? Accepting the truth does not make discriminatory acts by these subjugated groups somehow "good" or "right"; discrimination the likes of which we're talking is always bad. Learning this stuff does, however, provide some much-needed context if a person wants to understand how we came to inherit the society we see today.

    Oh, and we're all a little racist whether we want to be or not. Making assumptions about groups based on limited information is pretty much human nature. I wouldn't say I'm at skinhead status yet, though. ;)
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAhwTQ784IY]YouTube - OBAMA TO LATINOS: 'PUNISH OUR ENEMIES'[/ame]

    The president has attempted to incite this same sort of racial hatred. Of course since hes a Democrats AND black, he continues to get a complete pass for it.
  13. O.K you win Dronetek. I really want to brainwash the nation's white youth into believing they're pieces of shit on the basis of their skin color and should elect minorities into office on the basis of that guilt. Yup.
  14. How is what Obama said remotely racist?

    He could've meant punish anti-immigration right-wingers, rather than punish all white people?

    If he meant punish all white people wouldn't that include white democrats. Yeah, that doesn't make sense.

  15. He was talking to an all Latino group and trying to pit them against "they're enemies". He's actually saying that fellow Americans are their "enemies" to be "punished".

    If Bush had said it to an all white crowed, I seriously doubt you would have these rationalizations.
  16. So he meant "fellow Americans" which would include Democrats. Why would Obama want to punish democrats?

    He clearly meant anti-immigration right wingers. There is no greater enemy to the Latino community.
  17. Wait, right wingers want to end immigration now?

    That's fucked up...
  18. socialism isn't the answer

  19. I don't know anyone who is anti-immigration on the right. Can you name them? Does this mean its fine for the president to describe fellow Americans as "enemies" if they don't agree on policy?

  20. Please do cause those that scenario you gave is fucken retarded.

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