3rd grade kids in Arizona being taught to hate Capitalists, white people and America.

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  1. Yep, god-damned lazy capitalist drug infested gringos...looks at skin......damnit
  2. theyre all mad lil piss ants, mad theyre not white...fuck em with that pc stick they rode in with. Its not in my white culture to just say its okay to teach this shit (and 10 years back i started out in school to become a teacher to fight against the pussifacation of the american youth...I went to law school insted b/c the people that become teachers are pussy socialist or pinko bums. I voiced my oppinions/concerns and got tired of the love your neighbor except if theyre white attitudes shared by all the morons that are now teaching in public schools ***mostly by idiot white people proving how unracist they are*** ... like I said, fuck em all. How the fuck do you justify this La Raza bullshit as a 3rd grade text book? Give em back texas/new mexico/arizona and Cali and let the (lack of) Mexican Government *oxymoron* turn it into just another pile of shit, just bigger.
  3. But where is the wrong here? From what I can tell that woman was quoting from a poem and other primary source documents that were examined in class. Having a class look at primary sources that can be construed as racist is not the same thing as teaching racism! As many of the posters in this thread have already noted, being aware of the different viewpoints on a given issue is vital if you want to have a well-rounded understanding of history!

    Case and point, in a Native American History course that I took we read primary sources from a host of viewpoints. Some were from whites saying Indians were savage, backwards, and generally inferior beings. Similarly, some were from natives saying that whites were hypocritical, greedy, and that everything the whites had to offer was bad and should be rejected. Of course, there were others with more balanced views from both sides. Nevertheless it's important to know that these different views existed because they helped guide the actions of key players in history! How is this not totally obvious?

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  6. Fuck this, the real problem is religion, it takes away your culture and makes you a member of a heard. This occurred in Europe first then Latin America. For example, Christianity was forced upon Sweden and Norway, those who didn't convert were killed, and what happened to the murderer? He was made a saint (saint olof). Christianity took the fight out of the Vikings, and now Sweden is being invaded by Muslims, ever heard of conserving our history? The valiant Vikings may someday be forgotten because the Swedish government is a bunch of pussies, who try to be pc, they now don't fly the Swedish flag in many public places out of fear of offending foreigners, screw that if you don't like Sweden go the hell back to were you came from. Luckily many brave and educated norweigans took up this fight and burned the churches, avenging their ancestors, but what did norway do? They threw these men into jail. Then after Latin America was discovered, religion was forced upon to the people of Latin America, and the processed repeated itself.

  7. LOL LAWSCHOOL. sellout


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  9. was that bit about public schools her talking or quoting the book???

    cause that part at least was dead on, and i wouldn't have a problem with my "third grader" hearing that. my kid is only 5 and i tell her shit like that all the time.
  10. Oh noes! A handful of school children are being taught to hate rich white men! What will rich white men do to defend themselves from these angry school children?

    how is this worthy of it's own thread?
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    It's a double standard, if kids were taught to hate blacks this would be everywhere. How would you feel if you had to read some bullshit claiming your ancestors are a scourge upon mandkind?

  12. i don't see where promoting hate would ever be acceptable?
  13. There are thousands of hate groups around the world dedicated to the eradication of the black race. Not to mention a long history of subjugation, exploitation, and violent oppression.

    Who gives a fuck about a handful of anti-white elementary school classes.

    What a grand conspiracy? A few school kids versus a super rich white establishment.
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    Still it's a public school, funded by taxpayer dollars.
  15. I think it's good to teach opposing views and talk about the past errors of America so that hopefully we don't repeat them. But not to fucking 3rd graders. At that age it's more like indoctrination than teaching.
  16. please, oh please nasajoe...forgive me for a typo. I guess you are questioning my intelligence? Supongo que mi beca de la hiedra de la escuela de la liga (viaje completo para trabajar duro a través de mi escuela pública) sólo bastante aún no ha hacer el trabajo que se esperaba. Por favor, perdone mi desliz de la mano para salir de una carta:eek:
  17. Heh , I actually hate it when people do that to me because my spelling is aweful.
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    People should hate us. We are a leading, violent, and terror state who violate domestic as well as international laws.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CKpCGjD8wg&feature=related"]YouTube - A MUST SEE Interview of Noam Chomsky[/ame]
  19. While you should not feel guilty for the actions of your ancestors, you must understand. Before your ancestors came to this land, my people lived in peace and in harmony with nature. We were hunted to the point of genocide and forced to live on small plots of land with little to no resources while watching the newcomers rape and ravage the land we so loved. Please understand that while I do not condone any of what was in the video above or expect you to feel guilty for something you didn't do, just understand where some of the resentment (however illogical it may be) comes from in the cases of Native Americans and Blacks.
  20. And keep in mind that America has done AWFUL, horrible things in the world that would be considered terrorism if anyone else did them. We are not free of guilt, nor are we the sole arbiters of justice. That is something we tend to forget in the midst of all the glittering generalities.

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