3rd grade kids in Arizona being taught to hate Capitalists, white people and America.

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  1. :laughing:

    can't make this shit up man..
  2. I see what we need to do here...CENSOR IT ALL. Censorship is good, and pro-American propaganda is better.
  3. More intellectual dishonesty from the master. Are you saying that we should teach KKK mantra in school? Schools aren't allowed to teach students to hate other groups of people. What exactly do you find positive about this course?
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    KKK mantra is propaganda. What that woman was reading did not sound like propaganda. Admittedly, for a 3rd grade class, it is probably not appropriate.

    It's literature. I've read books that I don't necessarily agree with the message the author was putting forth, but I was better for it, afterwards. Kids should be taught from different points of views.
  5. You're being facetious, yes?

    Are you serious? It's white guilt to think that a legacy of structural discrimination is a bad thing? It's absolutely absurd to ignore the very real, very fucked up components of the history of our country just because it's ugly, and trust me, a lot of it is ugly.

    Do you know what a primary source is? If the lady was presenting evidence that the teacher in the class had said something like, "and we can see through this poem that all whites are culture-destroying greedy bastards" then that's something, but that's not what was presented in the video.
  6. Just because something is on the curriculum doesn't mean that the views in it are supported or encouraged, they're simply studied. You can read something and not believe in it, it's good to study different view points. What I was trying to say with the reference to my school having copies of Mein Kampf was that just because my school had the books, doesn't mean they were encouraging us to be fascists and kill Jews.

    Did I even say anything remotely similar to getting the KKK in? Did I say that it was ok to promote racism or anything of the sort? No. But reading about the formation of the KKK and understanding their beliefs is a good thing, because then you can show how they're wrong and maybe empathize with how they've developed those fucked up beliefs.

    Americans seem to have so little trust in their children. You assume that because a viewpoint is talked about in a class they're going to accept and believe it. You have to show kids more than the viewpoint you want them to have or you're simply not teaching them about the real world.

    Not everyone in the world thinks that America is great and that capitalism is great, should kids not be told this? Should they be brainwashed into believing what the majority want them to believe? NO. Kids should be taught about the world in general, about all the different viewpoints that they can and get the wider picture.

    At school I was taught about numerous political systems, numerous religious beliefs, numerous philosophical beliefs and told about numerous worldviews. The teachers didn't just brainwash me to think that Britain is wonderful and that socialism is great. And I think I'm the better for it.

    Ohh and thanks for being so civil...
  7. Ya SEE !!! , This is another reason that America is behind the rest of the world

    Children in Afghanistan learn to hate Capitalists White People and Americans in Pre- Kindergarten
  8. A note on the history of the USA and its racism;

    tipping the scales in the opposite direction doesn't correct anything, only causes more division...

    old saying; two wrongs do not make a right.
  9. Arizona is off the deep end. They do crazy shit all the time, and its a red state.. go figure. :rolleyes:
  10. What is the name of the book, and how can it be on the curriculum for 3rd - 12th graders?
  11. We can correct a lot by creating a new 2 party system...
    the peoples party, and the politicians party...we can vote for who does the best job every few years, and vote to have those that are caught doing what politicians get away with now, be hung by the neck (I would prefer their being tied to a fire-ant mound and covered in sugar...but you can't have everything...:devious:)

    oh ya, never mind, we would need congress to approve that...:eek::rolleyes:
  12. "One note especially to those young chicanos, hard drugs and drug culture is an invention of the gringo, because he has no culture"
    Are some of the blades really defending what was said in the video? :laughing:

  13. Sounds about right to me. :confused:
  14. Who are you George Lopez?
  15. The gringo has no culture? :confused:
  16. All I'm saying is that white people are a bunch of soulless, capitalist pigs hopped up on the wacky tobacco. Is there something wrong with that?
  17. Are you still on that "trying to get banned" kick? :D
  18. Yes.

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    :laughing: Nah, I'm over that. Now I'm just trying to live up to Dronetek's opinion of me as the master of intellectual dishonesty.

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