3rd GO! DWC, 775 watt, CFL, Feminized Skunk #11

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    Ok guys after two previous grows with northern lights and 4 males in a row I finally decided to get some femminized seeds. No veg lights this time around!

    Here is my set up.

    2x 200 watt CFLs for flowering
    2x bubble buckets (store bought sorry rump)
    Ionic grow and bloom nutrients
    Skunk #11 Feminized seeds from Dutch Passion

    Just a few pics of my set up, will be updateing daily feel free to comment and criticize,

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  2. looks good mels, ill follow ya on this!
  3. Thanks cork. Seeds have germd and are now planted! One has even popped its shell! More pics tommorrow!

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  4. Quick and bored update as its raining.

    The seed that popped its shell and the Big bud x Northern Lights that was evicted for it.

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  5. Just a quick update, one seed is just to grow leaves while the other is yet to be seen but i got my fingers crossed for it!

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  6. afternoon mels nice seedling.

    if the other doesnt germ you got another fem skunk seed? or you going to have to clone the current growing seedling?
  7. Thanks man, yeah I got a couple more so im good! lol Hope fully in 20 weeks or so I should have some bud this time.
  8. awsome, saw a grow jounral that had a £15 zip-up wardrobe from argos, to kit it out inside with panda wrap including the price of the wardrobe n the postage will cost me £37 to make, its basicly the same size as the cab i wanted to make

    original cab size wanted; 200cm tall, 100cm wide, 50cm deep

    argos wardrobe; 160cm tall, 90cm wide, 50cm deep,

    so its pretty much perfect for what i want, cant do a 2 tier system but atleast i can get 2 or maybe 3 plants in there:hello:
  9. yeah, i'm debating that as well. think it might be a little bit too small for me but maybe i can extend it.
  10. looking good mels, glad you joined us in the UK Growers group.

  11. Thanks man, it will get interesting in a week or two.
  12. sup bro, lookin good man.
    all my items are here except for my 600watt mh :)
    so im almost up and going as well.
    I'll keep a watch on ur grow man
  13. mels shall i get a 250watt HPS for the new tent or 2 125W cfls?
  14. Again a slow groeing seedling update lol, the first plant to surface is getting there, much slower than northern lights but its growing none the less. The other plant is still alive and has just reached the surface of its cube. While the fellow who was kicked out of his bubble bucket for these guys is still alive and growing out side.

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  15. where did u get that 250w CFL for flowering?
  16. Quick update, Quite slow growers so far. This is the first one to pop its shell, the other has only just popped. but it seems healthy enough!

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  17. Where did you pick up that CFL bulb? I've been looking everywhere for something over 42w in my area and have not been successful.
  18. Everything came from online, most from ebay! Hope this helps!
  19. Ya know, I've been lookin all over online. I always see these highwattage CFLs with a "mogul base". Well that's all well and good but where to I find this "Mogul Base" that they apparently screw into? I jsut can't seem to find them. And WTF is a mogul base? Is it bigger? Shinier? I'm lookin around Ebay like you said where you got yours and I still can't find them.

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