3rd edition Amsterdam 420 SmokeOut , 20 APril 2014

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    <div style="margin:0px auto;"><div>\tGeneral info AMS420 - 2014 - Eng.<div><div>\t[​IMG][​IMG]

    [SIZE=18pt]The protest of EVERYONE in the Cannabis-Chain!
    \tFrom growers to consumers!
    [SIZE=14pt]WHY ?[/SIZE]
    Because the direction the dutch drugpolicy is currently heading,

    For aswell Consumers and Cannabis entrepreneurs,
    as for local government and not to forget
    the justice and police systems.
    Even for people in neighborhoods that have
    absolutely nothing to do with coffeeshops or cannabis.​
    [SIZE=14pt]The Netherlands was once the example for the world!
    that was visited by delegations from around the world,
    to see how we regulated the use of cannabis under
    the 'Tolerance rules' with coffeeshops.

    They have now followed suit and improved on the Dutch concept,
    by regulating grow and wholesale to the dispencaries / Coffeeshops.
    While the Dutch government is running the other way.
    And is ignoring science, statistics and the democratic voice of it's people.[/SIZE]​

    Do you like cannabis ?
    [SIZE=14pt]Whether you get your stash from a coffeeshop or grow your own...
    We would all be better off with better Canna-policy and more freedom.
    Even the ones that don't use weed or visit coffeeshops.[/SIZE]​
    [SIZE=14pt]!!! BE THERE ON SUNDAY APRIL 20st 2014 !!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=14pt]And show that you stand up for your,[/SIZE]​
    [SIZE=36pt]RIGHT for RELAX

    Green Greetz,

    <span style="font-size:18pt;">Peter Lunk[/SIZE]

    'Comfort Cannabist'</span>​

    </div></div></div></div>More info: http://www.AMS420.nl

    Peter Lunk

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