3rd DWC Grow, First Time Cloning

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  1. Ok so this is my third DWC Bubble Bucket grow op. The first two were great successes, but they were guerilla grows and I wiped them out after harvest. This time I want to setup a perpetual system with a variety of different mother plants vegging all year round and 2 in the grow cycle at any given time.

    I was lucky enough to get access to a sweet motherplant through a friend. I'm taking 10 clones from the motherplant, and I have 4 bag seeds germinating (2 just sprouted this morning). In a few minute I'm going to drop these seeds into a tray of rapid rooters in a little nursery I created in my kitchen, and later tonight I'm going to drop the clones in as well. Hopefully I'll get luck with the bag seeds because they came from some killer dope.

    Grow Setup & Ventilation
    The setup is in my closet, I built a 4ft 1in X 3ft (6ft Tall) grow box out of 1x3's and 1x6's (light, cheap, easy to cut, stable enough). The top of my closet had a built in shelf, so I took out one of the shelves planks and am using that to vent air into and out of the system via Fans. I built the grow box to be as modular as possible, with space to add possible CO2/Air Conditioning Controls and space for a possible reservoir. By design the box is not airtight, smell isn't an issue so I want to encourage CO2 flow as much as possible.

    I'm using a 400w HPS with chrome ballast. I'm actually counting on utilizing a bit of the heat from the light because temperatures are freezing here right now, but I will still have a fan blowing across the light and up towards the vents.

    LST - SCROG Method
    I am gonna use a SCROG, so I built notches in the surrounding frame to hold 2x2 chicken-wire fence whatever you wanna call it. (My first time with a SCROG, I'm REALLLLY excited lol, big expectations).

    The buckets sit 8 inches off the ground, just enough for me to slide a drain pan under to test the water and drain. I'm using the Lucas method for nutes to keep it simple. I've always used it in the past without a problem.

    Mother Plants
    I'm planning on ordering a variety of seeds (indicas, sativas, and hybrids) from seedbanks to be my motherplants for the next cycle.


    Trying to keep this grow simple and cheap. So far light included, I'm at about $500 total cost, but any recommendations, thoughts or concerns are greatly encouraged!

    Anyone have any recommendations for a coating for the inside of my growbox? In the past I have just done reflective tape on top of plywood, but this time I'm looking for a reflective sheet/tarp. I'd like to be able to purchase it local, thoughts?

    Has anyone ever done a grow with two SCROGs, one on top of the other? I was thinking it would help train even more uniform growth, no?
  2. Awesome, just ordered it. Thanks Siegen!

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