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3g nug of some unknown fire headies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Doomsayer1355, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. picked it up for 40$
    Real sweet smelling

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  2. Looks a lot like "fire" around were I am, not bad but from my experience it didn't last too long. Little too fluffy. Good high though.
  3. I don't know, doesn't really look like 3 grams.

    seems like 2.5
  4. Because you're eyes are a scales:rolleyes:
  5. it IS 3g, weighed it out just before i smoked half of it. It's amazing.
  6. lmao

    That's a good lookin' nugget!
  7. that looks really fluffy
  8. definetly some dank stuff
  9. Thats not 3 grams. If the bud were dense it could be, but the bud is fluffy, that looks about like a half-eighth (1.75)
  10. Nah the bud looks fluffy, but its not really. It's not super dense, but its not super fluffy either. it does way 3 grams. I weighed it out before i crumbled it up and made a nice fatty blunt out of it.
  11. Pardon me, I weighed it out again after changing the batteries in my eyes scales (my eye scale looks like this :eek:), and I do believe it is 3 grams.

  12. BEASTERS .. good beasters.. i like it. for fourty you got a strait deal.

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