3D Rendering: Grow Box: Closed CO2

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  1. Not a real good describer of my ideas, but I have a 3-D design program so I decided to use that.

    I already have most of the materials to set this up, besides the Co2, some duct work, the lights, pots, and soil.

    I'll be using NASCAR brake cooling fans for the intake and the exhaust. These things are pretty sweet, they run on 12 volt so I can use a computer power supply to wire them. Got em off eBay for around $40 shipped to the door for both of them. Each are around 450 cfm.:hello:

    The picture isn't an exact drawing, I know hot air rises.

    Anyone see any problems with this design?

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  2. That system is set up to blow out all your CO2. You will use up a 20# bottle in an afternoon. Set fans on a thermostat to cool room. Only inject CO2 when your ventilation system shuts down.

    Cooling and venting your CO2 enriched room is the hard part. The best option is not to vent at all. Cool your room with an AC unit in a closed system. Most of us can't do it like that so we go for the 2nd best option. Cool your room as fast as possible, so not to release all the CO2 you just pumped in.

    My room cools the lamp with a seperate system that draws no air from the grow room. Cool tubes are very good for this type of setup.

    Your not the only one who had to redesign your ventilation system a few times. I re-did mine 4 times before I was able to get it right.
  3. thanks Rump, lol i was watching Scary Movie 4 yesterday while smokin and they got to the part where the president says lets read rumpleforeskin and laughed for atleast 5 minutes, and then turned off the tv and went and drew out some more plans for my grow room.

    Your an inspirtation man.

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