3D Printed Pokébong

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  1. 3D Printed PokéBong!

    Hey guys, MayGyverGirl here.

    Recently a friend of mine came to me and was like listen, you have the creativity and I run a 3D printing shop. Let's partner up and see what kinds if bongs, pipes, ect.. We can make.

    And well, I immediately took this chance to make the bong I always wanted. A PokéBong!

    When I get back in my computer I'll put here my REALLY rough sketch of my idea. I also have another sketch that include rough dimensions and angles, but I'm not going to include it.

    Today my friend is planning on working on making a rough model and printing up a prototype.


    I forget what 'ink' he'll be using for them, but he did say it would be safe to use for a bong. A glass downstem and bowl would be put in though, as he says he doesn't have any sorts of ink material he'd trust to be 100% safe for smoking.

    But anyways, yeah. I felt like sharing. I'll update the thread later and let you guys know how it turns out.

    I'M REALLY EXCITED. A few of my friends are already asking to buy one and so if that goes well, more marijuana money for me. :D Lol.

    Also I didn't know if this should go in the water pipe section or DIY/homemade section, so I assumed water pipe worked out. If not, feel free to move it mods.
  2. Minor update-
    Deciding now if it would be better to print in multiple pieces and if so how.
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    New here, but you kind of got me thinking on this one. Have you thought about making the Poke'flute? Perfect bong shape, it'll stand up and everything. Google some images and you'll see. Could make one of the holes real for choke and the rest just there in impression. Small hole in the middle top of the poke'ball part for your bowl and stem. Just a thought. Be sort of a prop as well as a bong. xD
    Edit: Scrolling down a bit, I noticed there are some already for reference! Well, pipes anyways. Spotted a hookah, too, lol. Not too many bongs, though.
  4. make a build a bong
  5. We're thinking we'll probably make it in multiple pieces for easier cleaning and shit as well. Also have the rough sketch.

  6. Kick ass idea!

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  7. If you make a shroomish bong, I will literally buy a 3d printer just for that purpose
  8. Looks awesome as fuck

    Good sketch, want to see result

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    We all are eagerly awaiting to see the final product now. Put the original pokemon going up the top. Not sure if it would be possible but would be pretty cool

    Actually should pick one of the starting 3. And have them evolve their way up. 50 pokemon would probably be hard to fit there.
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  10. a 3d print bong already sound awesome, but a pokemon themed printed bong? cant wait to see the end result!
  11. I feel like this belongs here.

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  12. Update-

    We're working on model construction now. Our main problem is that we don't want copious amounts of construction to go in, so the less pieces this has to be printed in the better.
    But the printer he uses is also fussy about printing a hollow sphere, so we're thinking two half spheres that would be glued together. Also instead of a stand the bottom may just be flattened a bit to decrease printing time. Tomorrow he'll be working much more on it so I should have more updates after that.  :hello:
  13. A snorlax would be pretty awesome. it would be lying down on its back and the glass stem will go through the belly button.
    Please just don't.  There's a post below about some kid who died from a homemade bong and inhaling fumes from plastic.  Even if the bowl and downstem are glass I wouldn't mess around with inhaling chemical fumes.  If you want to make it for kicks and have it as a novelty ornament, cool, but I wouldn't smoke out of it.  Plastic and glue should not be used in a smoking device.
  15. "I forget what 'ink' he'll be using for them, but he did say it would be safe to use for a bong."

    Not all 3D printers use plastic, hell they're finding ways to use human cells with them. (Not saying this bong will be made from human cells, but you know what I mean. Lmao)

  16. Fuck forgot the whole reason I came back.

    Anywho I talked to the guy, we can infact print the sphere part in one piece so no glue would be needed. The neck and sphere will be connected most likely by either a screw system or grommets/washers. We'll see once the models finish printing.

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