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3d printed pipes/bongs is it possible?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Slick_Rick, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. bread needs to be cooked in its full form

    Did they 3d print it raw first then cook it?

    What did the pepperoni look like?

  2. Using a printer to make a bong is like using your phone to scrape the ice from your windshield.
  3. You would literally be smoking resin.
  4. Whoa bro..
    could you like, like take that and use the 3D printer to print out another 3D printer.

    whoooa mon
  5. mind blown.
  6. Huehuehue
    maybe i could i could use it to print out lil cesars pizzas and save the world from hunger
  7. Once glass 3d printing is a reality for household printers, yea. Right now, nope. Plastics suck.
  8. I watched a show on 3d printing and they showed how they made steel to make surgical equipment.

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  9. Hell yeah bro and 3d printing can be done with metals too. I have a few files that I've found if you want me to send them just message me but the size is a big factor in price because it could be 5 inches long and be 100 dollars then be 5.1 inches long and be 200. Most personal 3d printers print 4-6.5 inches at the most so companies just figure since they have an industrial machine they can charge outrageous prices I guess.

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  10. Yes you can 3d print pipes. The pipe itself can be printed out of ceramic and PLA plastic. Shapeways does print pipes in ceramic and then puts a glaze on the pipe. Depending on the design of the pipe it can be very pricey. PLA plastic pipes are less expensive to print but you still will need a bowl for the pipe inorder to smoke the weed. I own a printing business that we print custom pieces including pipes. PLA plastic is plant based and is organic. So to answer the question is it safe to smoke from? The answer is yes you can.
  11. PLA is plant based, though not necessarily, and very unlikely to be organic. And just because it is plant based that does not mean it's safe. PLA will release VOCs when heated (and obviously does while printing). PLA will also degrade/swell slowly with exposure to water, so it's not a good bong/water pipe material.

    You can print a bong or pipe if you wanted to, you just have to use some smarts. The piece should be designed so that you can slip in a ceramic spacer during the printing process which will hold a glass stem and bowl. Should you want to print a bong, just choose a plastic that does well with water. As long as you design the bong to have the entire stem within the bong fully submerged you shouldn't have to worry about the plastic heating up (and off gassing) as the water will pull the heat from the bong.
  12. William, you are correct. I should have elaborated a little further. The pipes that we 3d print uses a glass bowl to put your herb in. The pipes are also sealed. we do not clean the pipes with water because there is no need to. The only thing that gets cleaned is the bowl which can be pulled out, wiped out with a Q tip and put back into the pipe.
  13. I think it should also be noted with at home 3D bong printing is that you won't be able to clean it well at all. Alcohol does not react too well with most printable plastics...also the ridges that are left behind from the layer-by-layer printing process will create perfect places for resin to hide.
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  14. Recently a 3d printer was developed that can print any drug. A 3d printer can use any material that you can put in the ink cartridge. It doesn't have to be weak plastics.

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