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    Will this put an end to the gun debate .. by making gun control as impossible to enforce as copyright law?

    I certainly think so. It's also a pretty terrifying prospect.. but I'll explain to you exactly why below.


    If you were to ask me, I think the only way to stop gun violence is to create a society that better cares for its people. We could do with preventative mental health care, for example .. and by that I mean making sure that people are having their social and emotional needs met .. not just throwing antidepressants at them. It's important to make this distinction, because the word 'mental health' makes a lot of people shake their heads. That's probably more to do with the fact that modern psychiatry sucks ass, however .. not because mental health isn't important. We should probably get rid of the term Mental Health altogether .. and call it Social Health, instead.

    We are a social animal .. studies and experiments have already proven over and over again; we go insane when we are left alone, when we feel like we don't belong. We desperately need to move away from this monstrous individualistic culture we have created, into a more inclusive and connected society, where every member of the community feels a sense of belonging. We need more social clubs, maybe even real-life dating clubs, where lonely young men can hook up with lonely young women. As conservative as it sounds, our social health was much better back in the days when we used to go to church every Sunday.

    It's going to be a lot more important in the generations to come. We as a species are becoming more and more isolated thanks to Facebook, smartphones, the internet, etc.

    That's not to say that technology is bad
    .. just that a lot of the times, we fail to adapt to the social changes that it brings. One such example is the obesity crisis, brought about by the rise in calorie-dense foods. It certainly made starvation a thing of the past in the first world, and will soon make starvation a thing of the past in the third world as well - but because our brains are so primitive, we have succumbed to an addiction to food like we've never seen it before, and now all of the sudden it's the abundance of food that is killing us, not the lack of it.

    So again - it's not the technology that is scary and frightening - it's the lack in our ability to adapt to the changes that it brings. We should be moving away from debates about banning stuff, and more and more debates about how we will adapt to new technologies.
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  2. I've never used a full out printed firearm but I've been able to test about 10 different printed AR magazine designs.
    Really damn impressive and a hell of a lot of fun to watch.
    Like everything, it all requires a bit of tweaking but that's the learning process

  3. I agree with most of what jane says,but y is the gov not being able to track guns a total bad thing?im a marine n love my weapons,n i would never hand mine over cause a pollitician says so....even when they stamp numbers to track them they cant...i purposely hav a un registered gun cause if someone comes to my house they wont b leaving...n if u come with no weapon u will hav one laying beside u b4 cops r there...
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  4. There's a hard ware shop near me that sells 3d printers. MIght get one
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  5. If u want to stop sum gun violence(cause stopping it all is a joke as its been goin on forever.....) govt should try creating jobs so people dont hav to rob to get money..but r right to bare arms in u.s. is our constitutional right.its not a religious paperback book where u can interpet it how u c fit...we r physicaly allowed to have these things..in coming to take them from people who r like minded as me,good luck...
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  6. Maybe if restricting gun sales doesn't work anymore we'll try something that helps decrease gun violence. Like blaming violence on the person pulling the trigger instead of the gun and punishing the criminal instead of limiting the way the rest of us can protect ourselves from those guys. Look at what happened in Milwaukee, a gun toten criminal was shot and the community rioted against the police for taking out a violent criminal who had been victimizing the community.
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  7. I wanna get a 3D printer too .. although I'm not really that big on guns to be honest. Killing someone, even in self-defense, would probably be a very traumatizing experience to have to live the rest of your life with. I'd much rather brew my own pepper spray .. even if you could get up to 8 years in prison for possessing it .. lol

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