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Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. here's the story of my experience with the 39 steps.

    I was out staying the night at a friends house for a few beers a few videos and generally just to have a laff. once the videos we wanted to watch had been watched we sought other things to occupy ourselves...
    then the person i expected to be least interested in such things (basically i kinda thought he was a bit of a mild redneck lad) came up with the idea of "the 39 steps". I didnt know what they were talking about, but a couple of the other guys did. i said i would do it as long as i got to see someone else do it first.

    the first guy who was going to "go under" laid back on the recliner chair and a pillow over his face to block out all the light. the other guy first asked him "what weapon do you want?" he said "MP5" (or something like that). so it starts... "you are calm and relaxed... you are standing at the top of some stairs. there are 39 steps to them. you concentrate on the steps, the surface, every line, every crack, the way the light hits them and every speck of dirt. you beggin to walk down step by step. one at a time. still focussing on the steps..." this goes on for about 1-3 minutes until they reach the end and then are told they are now standing on a street with 39 houses as they step off the last step.

    the idea is that in each house you face a personal fear. the first house is supposed to be somewhat like a "control" and have little or no fear in it. in each house the fear is greater and more dangerous. the thing they warned me though was that it is very VERY dangerous to jump ahead a few houses, because you might skip an important one or one that contains a vast increase in the danger. and the danger IS very real. people have apparantly died from this. just like in the film the matrix... if you die in the game you die in real life. i dont know if thats entirely true, but the realness of this extends to beyond how real dreams can seem. you experience real emotions, can feel the sensation of touch against things, sence temperature and PAIN! The concept is that in house number 39 (or 40 really... as theres supposed to be one house beyond) exists your absolute greatest fear.. for many people this may be death and/or the unknown beyond.

    the person who is under is in direct control of the person that is leading them around, and communication between the two is vital. for example. "whats happening now, what do you see?" ... "there's a man with a knife running towards me" ... "SHOOT HIM!" ...or another example "there's a car speeding straight towards me with the lights switched off" ... "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" and things like that because the person who is under cannot initiate any action without an order.

    another person went under and then its my turn...
    "what weapon do you want?" "nothing" "WHAT!? no trust me, you'll need a weapon" "i dont want a weapon, i'm a pasyphist", "Digit, you are having a weapon or you're not going in" "ok ok... give me a fly swatter", "hahaha. NO. you are having a glock"
    so there i am, with a pistol and i enter the first house.
    "what do you see" "brown couch, brown wallpaper, brown carpet, brown ceiling... etc"
    nothing much happens so into the second house
    "what do you see?" "brown couch, brown wallpaper etc etc..."
    "go upstairs" "there's a brown kinda alien looking fella with redish eyes in the middle of the floor of a completely bare room, the only other feature is the window".
    "shoot him"
    "but... but..."
    "shoot him!"
    "leave the house and see whats outside on the street."
    "nuthing interesting"
    "ok go in house number 3"
    "brown this brown that etc etc...."
    "aw man this is borring... lets send him to house number 7... Digit, leave this house and proceed to house number 7."
    -This is where it got really crazy. some kind of spindley wrinkled man came charging out and knocked me to the ground... he didnt have any hands and was about to skewer me through the chest...
    "i'm hit. I'm on the ground. i'm about to be killed"
    "GET UP! RUN! RUN!"
    "he tore up a lamp post and has thrown it at me"
    "We've given you sonic the hedgehogs speedy shoes, you can outrun it"
    "things are coming out of the houses"

    and i'll leave what happened while in there at that. i'm sure its bored half of you stiff. (actually its me thats bored of it). what happened a few hours after was the really kewl part though. i had (for lack of a better term) a vision of what happens in the events that will lead upto my death. now i cannot be sure for certain that this is how I will die, maybe its a future life or someone elses death... but i truely believe that its gonna happen to someone.
    the short version....
    I'm picked to be one of the people to go on the first colony ship to another planet. being such a momentous occasion i decide to take some kind of halucinogen (one that i dont have a clue about right now) on the journey with me. when in space i take the trip and start to think i'm a star... something to do with how we are all made of star stuff and i we are in space...? andyways... so i think im a star and then i freek out and think that me being a star, i will burn all the people on the ship so i eject myself out into the vacuum of space.... POP! :D
    what a way to die huh?

    for safety reasons i have left out several key factors that would make the 39steps work. do not attempt this at home. I also left out the safety features... so if u attempt it, you will be left with no emergency proceedures and no way out. do not attempt it. its dangerous.
  2. damn that was long, but very interesting, i thought this post was gonna be about the film the 39 steps...lol........but that was freaky and i've heard of similar things.........i guess it's a kind of hypnosis..........some people have been hypnotised and told that someone putting oput a cig in your hand......and when they wake they have a scar, or develop one.......the mind honestly thought it was being burned.........scary stuff..............Peace out..........Sid
  3. If each in each house you are to face a fear, what if the fear isnt so much physical? for example, from my senior year in college, I was severly injured in a specific way. that injury now, from the intense pain I endured, is a fear of mine. while I rehabed myself back to the best condition I can, I still have an immense fear of feeling that pain over again. I dont understand how it would work with a fear like this...
  4. eep... wasn't a virtual boy was it ??? heard of people being hurt by them :) intense light burning eyes :)
  5. I think that something embodies the fear. So your fear of feeling that pain would take some other form. You may recognize the form for the fear or not. I'm really not sure because I've never done it.
  6. i think thats it exactly wang.

    if you had a fear of say,, loneliness, the fear may be represented by 18 foot tall rabbits. if u actually had a fear of 18 foot tall rabbits, the fear would manifest in 18 foot tall rabbits.
  7. hello darkness my old friend
    i've come to talk with you again
    becouse in vision softly creeping
    left its seed whilst i was sleeping
    and the vision that was planted in my brain
    still remains
    within the sound of silence

    -simon & garfunkle

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