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38.6 of some dank PURPS

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by apolloseven, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. got this bag of danks for 150... weighs out to 33.8 w bag but its MOIST! how much weight would you expect to be lost if i dry it out??
    It smokes really well though once it gets going,, its like a train it has to build up steam! :smoke:

    p.s also a nice keifbowl pic i had

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  2. Can't really know what weight they'll dry too, you need to grow the same strain for years before your familar with buds like that.

    Definitely get them out of that plastic bag if they're wet tho, you don't want mold setting in :eek:
  3. Well, if it smokes right now that means that somebody at least put a little time into drying it. If you let it dry out to a reasonable level, I bet you would loose 20-25% of your weight. Maybe a little more.

    FYI. The weight of fully dried bud is about 75% less than when the bud was first hung to dry.
  4. it'll prolly end up around 30 grams after its dried properly then again it's hard to really say, 150 is not a bad price even if it ends up being under 30, the bud quality isn't that bad not dank but it's better than what some people get...
  5. Has it been dried at all? I know buds lose a lot of their weight after drying. Dry them until the stem snaps clean and easy,then take them to air tight jars. Weird for people to sell the bud still wet...:eek:

  6. the buds deffinitly not SUPER fresh off the plant, its deffinitly smokeable. what would you recomend as far as storing/drying them out best? right now i have the bag sitting in a box of cereal, i was really drunk last night and i though that the special k might help wick away thte moisture :confused:

    also the bud..i was looking at it more today, its a really dark colored bud its strange, never really had anything quite like it... its pungent as FUCK though, seriously stinks up any room and when i was carrying it in my jacket...well lets just say KUSH IS MY COLONGE hahhaha :smoke:
  7. wow that is realy strange looking bud. it almost looks like mold.
  8. Nice, let em dry, and thats the sickest fucking bowl ever!

  9. First off. NO BAGS!!! you don't want to put this into anything that holds Moisture. You WILL get mold. The Ideal way to dry your bud is hanging from a string, in an average temp. room (70-80 degrees) with low humidity. You should have air movement in the room, such as a fan, but you don't want the fan blowing directly on the the bud all day.

    If you can't let your bud dry out in the open there is another way that will work. Get a box that is big enough to fit your bud with some space left over. A shoe box will probably work fine. Fill the bottom of the box with uncooked rice. Or those silicone bags that come in shoes. (If you go to a sporting goods store, there are huge one's that come inside gun safes) Lay a coffee filter over the rice and place your bud on top. wrap the shoe box in Plastic rap to keep the stench down. Put it away for a week. checking it every day or so.
  10. It looks like that fake bud
  11. fresh cut bud will lose 72% (thts buds........not branches)
    dont know how moist they are
    keep them dark with less than 50% humidity and in a day they will be dry..........cure and smoke
  12. I don't know if that 38.6 you should send it to me so i can weight it :) nice buds man

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