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365 days down

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GlassNGrass, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. So I've been smoking for about 3 years now and just finished smoking every day for a straight year. I chose to do so because I really wanted to know myself what the effects of continual mariajuana use were. I figured smoking about 1-1.5 g a day on average would suffice to give me enough reason to make the observations that I will. After a year, I can say that number one and overall, marijuana has made my life much better. I have a better sense of well being and calm even while increasing my workload with school and work (work full time, school part-time). I haven't ever had a problem getting up early (about 7 or 9am) and doing what I have to do each day until I get home at midnight during the weekdays despite smoking at night every night. I will admit that i have tended tot feel a bit groggier in the mornings and a tad more tired but that eventually wears away after the morning gets going. I've never felt the need either in this whole entire year to smoke because I had. Never felt like "I have to have a smoke or im gonna freak". As a matter of fact, I'm taking a break here in 2 days for 2 weeks to reduce my tolerance. In the end I can say that smoking has given me a much different view on life as well, helping me look at situations from a different perspective. The high itself has definitely gotten much duller over the year, but two things still remain golden at high time: music and munchies :D Just thought I would share my thoughts on what I've done and hopefully those of you who have done the same would agree that marijuana, no matter how much you smoke n toke, doesn't have to be the center of your life and that you can still succeed with it. It's only a distraction if you let it be. :smoke:
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  3. Blurgh, that was horrible to read - like a feel-good film movie motivational speech... except about a thousand times cringier
  4. Cool story bro
  5. bro, cool story
  6. [quote name='"dwaynewhade"']bro, cool story[/quote]

  7. Disregard the other useless posts OP, congrats on stopping for a year and taking a different perspective on your life. Long live cannabis :smoke:
  8. [quote name='"Marrijane420"']Disregard the other useless posts OP, congrats on stopping for a year and taking a different perspective on your life. Long live cannabis :smoke:[/quote]

    Did you even read it? Lol
  9. bro

    jk, but im pretty sure i've smoked everyday for the past.....3 years? so, i don't think its a big deal, but i get ur point. gl on ur t-break.
  10. story, cool bro?!?!?
  11. Cool bro, story.
  12. Obviously didn't read, or was to high to comprehend :D
  13. Orb yrots looc
  14. Riveting tale chap. Want a medal?
  15. Brool story, Co.

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  16. [quote name='"glazedKnuckles"']Brool story, Co.[/quote]

    Ahahahahaha WTF!? Hilarious pic
  17. [quote name='"glazedKnuckles"']Brool story, Co.[/quote]

    What in the fuuuuuck
  18. Stoll bro cory
  19. [quote name='"paperplanes101"']Stoll bro cory[/quote]

    I think you meant "stool bro cory" lol.
  20. interesting. thanks for your input!

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