36 hours of darkness...?

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  1. Ive been active on the forums for a few months now and a couple of people have recommended to put the plants into 36 hours of darkeness before the switch to 12/12. I'm having a little read around but I was wondering if anyone here does it and what positive (or negative if any) effects it has?
  2. I also read about a 36 hour period of darkness right before harvest, wondering about that myself but also curious about your question as well, subbed.

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  3. I think ppl do that to sex there plants, when they use reg seeds.....if there all fem, hit the lights and go.

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  4. Yeah I've hered that too, my question is about 36 hours of darkness before the switch to 12/12.
    I was reading a post about the 36 hours of darkeness at the end yesterday, I just copied and paste the reply from one of gc's old school members:

    "A week or two more would be good, your plants are still producing lots of stigmas and could use a little longer to ripen. There is no reason to place the plants in extended darkness before harvest, it will not increase the number of trichomes or increase the potency. This is another stoner myth that keeps getting passed on by unknowing growers, dont waste your time. Harvest at the beginning of the light cycle for best results and the highestconcentration of terpenes for taste and smell."
  5. Silly and unnecessary myth.

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  6. It is a silly myth, the reason people do this is because the flowering hormone is released at night. And need the 12 hours uninterrupted. Some people just do this to MAKE SURE the hormones released. I think its silly and will confuse and stress the plant imo. 24-48 hours of darkness is used at the end of flower because people say it creates more resin and makes for better bud. Also a myth in MY opinion. Ive done both with no different results

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  7. Thanks dude
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  8. I have tried it twice . The hardest part is not looking at the girls for a day and a half . Lol Make sure u have good air transfer the plant will b yellow when u unzip and hit the lights , but they recover quickly ... on the other hand there is no 36 hr darkness outside n nature ...but we aren't outside r we .
    This last time I used 24 hour dark worked fine as wine .

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  9. The thing is that it would have done the same and started flowering just sticking them in 12/12 without any 24 hour dark period.

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