36.6 Degrees / Aqua-Hydro-Bubble-Vapor Tonics / Easy Low Ryder / HID 1000Metal 400HPS

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  1. Hello Green City citizens.

    My name is Prof. Demeter Flora. I have a PhD in Chemistry, I'm a retired professor from the latin american land.

    I believe in marijuana as one of the most helpful plants on earth, humanly speaking, and it's prohibition, one of the sickest zeitgeists. Growing your own is the best way to " counter cotoure"!.

    I've smoked pot my whole life. I'm growing for the first time.

    1. The Room

    Underneath a stairway. Almost perfectly airtight and lightproof. Used to be a heating system room, it has a natural exhaust pipe to the middle of nowhere. Very humid. Cool, almost cold. 1.5mts x 1.8mts ground surface under a roof with 36.6 degrees inclination. Shortest: .40mts Tallest: 1.50mts. Will grow on the line of the hypotenuse formed by the triangle of space over the hydro system. Lights, and pots will be inclined 36.6 degrees, (counterclockwise: 53.4 degrees from the X (horizontal) plane).

    2. Genetics

    - 3 Lowryder Easy Ryder Feminized Automatic.
    - 3 Mexican Unknowns I got from a Chaman in Veracruz. (Already in germstage)

    I have for the next go: Barney's LSD, Nirvana Bubblelicious, and the usual Freebies from UFO. The Attitude, provided.
    Any recommends will be very much appretiated.

    3. The System

    - Pots and roots in a two 20l interconnected water bottles system, with drip, air (bubble stones), and vapor, ins, and a water out to the RES.
    - 120l RES. Black Heavy Duty Plastic. Opening leads for doing water checks, etc. A water pump in it with a water out to the fish tank. Air in with bubbles stones. Temp meters in it. Emergency flush opening. Trolley underneath it for practicity.
    - 50l Fishtank with KOI fish in it. Activated carbon, sunked filter (calibrated cycles by timer) with two air+water outs, one (big) to the Fishtank, the other one (small) to the 4 Gal. Vaporizer. One water only out to the drip system (gravity). Big opening for water Refills.
    - 4 Gal Vaporizer, calibrated cycles by timer, with 1 air+water in. And two vapor outs, one to each of the pots and roots holding 20l water bottles.
    - Air in: 70CFM (120m"3 per hour) 4inch fan, pulling air directly from my flat. Room temp usually around 20C. Exercise: tower 3 speed fan. Lamp: mini fan attached to base. Exhaust: Same as intake through an activated carbon and "popourri" filter.
    - Lights: 1000W Mixed Metals GE, 400W HPS Sodium GE (180C class balisters!) 64W GE Plant Light. 240W Aquarium Lights for bases. And working on red and blue spectrum power leds, but still having issues finding the appropiate wavelengths and combos, any recommends on that, thank you.
    - Air: high, very polluted city. Huge source of Co2
    - Water, coming out @ 6.8 ph, will mix with bottled water, and distilled water, let the koi do the rest.
    - Nutes, apart from the fishies taking their morning glory, I got some hydro organical water soluble mix after a lot of looking about, real big issue getting a hold on the hydro nutes down here, will probably order them. I dont wanna be messin with som'n I dont even know what it is. No label, no nothing. 1 gr per liter she said. Ok, but what's in it? 1 gr per liter. Very well, but would you mind telling me if this is for veg or bloom? 1 gr per liter. Jesus christ woman, what am I buying here??? 1 gr per liter.
    - Music, deep underground tech to try to learn something on the sound vibrations and growth theory through some nice low freq sounds.
    - Forum, Grow Journal, Grasscity.com
    - Vibrations: groovey.

    Pulling up pics, continuing next thread with the grow plan.
  2. Accesories and intial process.

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